November 14th, 2017

Internet Marketing Strategy

Achieving full market penetration on both a national scale and a local level can be an extreme challenge. As a multi-locational business, the trials of local, regional, and corporate marketing begin to compound upon themselves.  

And because your needs are not entirely unique, there is now a marketplace saturated with apps and services that will do some of the marketing for you. Finding enough plugins and software options to match your various demands can quickly become a bureaucratic entanglement of passwords and emails.  

Let's take a look at some options and the best way to move your business forward.  


Questions to ask About Software Options 

Will I use it? Before leaping onto the bandwagon for every automated software under the sun, do some research, both internally and externally. Write down your business demands and see where the demand is. 

What are online marketing tenets you are using? Try to pinpoint areas where you spend the most time and look for associating plugins.  

Does it do the job? Before spending money on an apparent solution, dig a little deeper. Find out what previous clients have said about the company.  

Has it been reviewed? Read some positive and negative ratings and make sure it is a fit for your company. Most companies that offer a valuable service will have plenty of satisfied clients. 

Can the application save you time? This is an important question to remember. If you subscribe to a software that absorbs more time than before using it, then you've made a mistake. Look for firms and programs that reduce the amount of labor input, not increase it.  


The Various Options of Automation 

As technology continues to advance, the amount of software and marketing options continue to grow. Some of the more popular marketing solutions focus on social media, email marketing, data analytics, and user experience.  


Social Media. What kind of accounts do you use? If you already have a large following on certain formats, look for services aimed toward your needs. But if your business doesn't have any social media, find a service that will build your accounts and increase your digital following.   

Social media has proven to be a mandatory part of any marketing strategy.  


Email marketing. Outbound marketing, through emails, has been proven to increase sales. Do you have CTA's built into your website?  

How about automatic replies to new subscribers? Automating a drip campaign and collecting new addresses will be much easier once your business implements an automation software to handle it. Look for services that make it easy to use your current email address.  


Data analytics. Every person who scrolls through your website and reads the content is a possible client. Collecting the data of the individual, what pieces of content attracted them, and then discovering ways to customize a CTA are all possible. There are ample products that offer ways to not only collect the data but interpret it. Some software options include easy to read graphs and visuals. Choosing the right data software can make or break your marketing strategy.  


User experience. How visitors to your website and mobile app interact with your products is all part of the web development. Using a professional company to craft an easy to navigate site can make a huge difference on how well your online presence increases sales. Having a professional layout that makes your company look professional and friendly is an absolute necessity. Use services that incorporate modern themes and stay away from older templates.  


Should Your Company Use One Company for all Your Needs?  


Researching and building relationships with multiple companies can be a time and money intensive project. Especially as a decentralized distribution business, using one company for all your online marketing needs can prove the best option.  

SeedLogix provides all the services you need and more. These include custom websites for all your territories, social media automation, email marketing, data analytics, and a team of web developers creating a modern user experience.  

Instead of wasting time creating a conglomerate of plugins and agencies, just use us. We provide an exceptional service and specialize in multi-locational marketing automation.  


Contact us today.