December 27th, 2019

Internet Marketing Strategy

When you employ digital marketing strategies for your business, you are setting yourself up for success. A good digital marketing strategy involves several different aspects that help showcase your brand. Creating a content calendar is just one facet of your strategy that you will need to develop, and it can seem a lot more complicated than it actually is when you get started.

What Is a Content Calendar?

A content calendar is simply a baseline to lead to your successful digital marketing campaign. It is a resource you can use as you plan out your content for the year. It allows you the opportunity to visualize your content and how it is going to be distributed. Many prefer a calendar-based format that is easy to read and follow; however, everyone has their own way of creating their calendar from scratch.

Creating the Calendar

When you are creating the content calendar as part of your digital marketing strategy for the year, there are a few things you will want to do. First, make sure that everyone on your team is on the same page. They all need to understand what is being published, when, and where. You also want to provide everyone with a clear view of the content that will be published throughout the year.

Milestones are also good to have planned out, so if there are any key dates that you need to focus on, this will help you remember. It also gives you more of an idea of where your content gaps may be and where you need to insert more content to fill in those gaps.

Keys to Success

You can plan your content on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis - whatever is going to work best for your needs. However, to ensure success, there are a few more things to keep in mind.

Everyone on your team should be able to at least view your calendar. This doesn’t mean they should have the ability to edit the calendar, but at least know where they can locate it.

The calendar also shouldn't be created and then left. It is something that will need to be checked, updated, and regularly revised to ensure that everything remains consistent.

You also shouldn't feel like there is a right or wrong way to create your content calendar. There are many different methods and approaches you can experiment with until you find what works best for you.

Getting Started

Start out with whatever existing content you currently have and then begin to come up with new and improved content ideas. You can then begin to create your calendar and plan, schedule, promote, track, and revise your content as needed to stay in line with your goals while also complimenting your other digital marketing strategies.

For more information on how to build more successful digital marketing strategies for your business, contact SeedLogix today for some guidance as you create your content calendar and put more focus on your digital marketing strategies for the upcoming year.