March 7th, 2018

Internet Marketing Strategy

Blogging can be thought of as the original social media. Before platforms like Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram came onto the scene, internet users used blogs to connect with friends and share their thoughts, ideas, and ramblings on an online platform. In terms of marketing, blogging has become just as important as social media, and it’s a tool that should always be utilized for multi-site businesses.  

Blogging didn’t fall by the wayside when social media came onto the scene, and if anything it’s only grown more influential. For businesses, particularly up and coming businesses, blogging offers a way to connect with audiences while giving your brand its own unique voice.  

The Top 4 Benefits of A Marketing Blog  

There are many benefits associated with blogging for marketing purposes, but we’re going to focus on the top 4. The top 4 benefits of a marketing blog are:  

Improving your web traffic 

Your digital presence is molded by your web traffic, and blogging helps drive audiences right to your brand’s website. What blogging offers is a way to create and share relevant and useful content with potential leads, and answer any questions they may have which lead them to your brand. Along with social media, you can share your blogs on your social media platforms, and send your followers from your social media pages to your blog posts, and then ultimately to your website where you offer solutions to the concerns or questions posed in your content. 

SEO boost

Blogging helps to give your search engine optimization a boost, therefore making you more visible to those audiences you most want to reach. If you want to raise your relevance on Google, Bing, and other search engine platforms, the key is creating new and relevant content regularly. Using keywords and phrases most searched by your desired audiences, your relevant content will help to place your blog right where you want it.  

Focus on building relationships

Your blog helps to strengthen the bonds and relationships you build with your brand, customers, and clients. Audiences are given the benefit of learning your brand and its unique personality in the way they enjoy absorbing this type of content most, and they’re given the opportunity to be driven back to your website to continue this engagement. Through providing quality information and a unique voice in your blog, you’re building trusting relationships.  

Lead your industry

What you want to demonstrate to audiences is how you’re an industry leader in your field, and that’s just what blogging gives you the opportunity to do. Posting blogs and creating content designed for your specific market proves your knowledge and trustworthiness, and places you in a position where audiences will keep coming back for relevant information. The more often you show this potential with your content, the more likely you’ll become the source your audiences rely on.  

Blogging for Multi-Site Companies  

Multi-site companies may want to approach their blog in a slightly different manner than small businesses or single site brands. With multi-site blogging, you’ll want to be able to reach various local markets with your content while still back linking back to your main brand through your child sites, and this means catering to local cultures and tastes. While this may seem like an overwhelming task, it becomes less so with the assistance of digital marketing agency professionals and the right CMS 

Start a Blog Today 

Blogging is a tool that should be utilized by all types of brands. If you’re looking for the right approach to see the benefits for your multi-site company, contact SeedLogix today.