January 10th, 2020

Internet Marketing Strategy

Trends may come and go, but sometimes what starts as a trend becomes the best way to do business. Furthermore, trends act as a response to the changes of the marketplace and customer needs. They are a way to meet the latest demands. Marketers would be remiss to ignore the trends, but they also need to be careful to choose the trends that will last. Here are the digital marketing trends we predict will stick around for the long term.


  1. Customer Experience (CX)


Although customers are shopping more and more online, there’s only one area that brick and mortars still have the advantage. That is by being able to provide excellent customer service. Digital shopping may have the access and prices consumers want, but the cold, impersonal shopping experience has left many returning to the physical market. However, CX is a way to overcome this obstacle by putting customer service first in every marketing strategy. As a result, customers are happier and your business will grow.


  1. Personalization


Building upon CX, personalization tailors the experience to your customers. Personalization is a strategy where you sue analytic data about your unique customers and their shopping habits to develop strategies that are unique to them. Personalization can be implemented in email marketing, on your website, and through your digital marketing channels. Personalization doesn’t just lead to high conversion rates, it also helps your customers have a better experience with your brand.


  1. Video Marketing


Video marketing has been growing over the last few years as a result of the ease of posting and sharing video content. Video marketing is set to continue to grow as a result. Incorporating videos leads to the ability to showcase your products and services, get more shares, and have higher conversion rates. Video marketing can be easily incorporated into any brand strategy or marketing campaign. It has a low cost of entry but a very high return on investment. We believe this trend will continue to grow over the next decade.


  1. Visual Search


Another trend that is growing as a result of better technology is visual search. Imagine your customers seeing an item they love, but they don’t know where to find it. They can simply grab the picture, enter it in Google’s image search and the product from your store comes up in the result. Google isn’t isn’t the only platform offering tools for this trend, Bing is also upping their visual search tools. Further, Pinterest introduced Lens an image search tool and a new app was launched called CamFind that works by letting you search for anything by snapping a picture. 


These four trends are going to be around awhile. To capitalize on these marketing trends, the digital marketing team at SeedLogix can help. We’ll help you not only develop a solid campaign but use the most effective, technologically-advanced tools available to implement that strategy. Do more with your marketing this year by giving us a call today.