June 12th, 2015

Inbound Marketing Strategy

Without a doubt, video sharing has become one of the most popular activities that people participate in on the internet today. Interestingly enough, many internet marketers and online entrepreneurs have found it useful for promoting their products or services and have developed online video strategies as part of their advertising and marketing plans. If you have not yet tested the waters by creating promotional online videos and using them as part of your marketing strategy, you could be missing the boat by not realizing any of the benefits it provides.

What You Need to Do First

If you are new to the internet marketing game and have been considering the use of online videos for the promotion of your website and your products or services, you need to consider doing the following before getting started with your video marketing strategy:

Master the art of editing your videos - By editing your videos properly and adding certain elements such as sound, special effects, text, etc. your videos will stand out from the myriads of others that are floating around on the internet meaninglessly.

Select a good sharing platform - Through the use of simple videos, these allow you to reach your target audience faster and more effectively.

Be sure that keywords and keyword phrases are used properly - These should appear in the name you assign your video files. This helps to optimize your videos for easier search engine and video searches.

Get involved in niche groups - You can target just about any internet marketing niche with videos. So it makes sense to join several. By participating in these communities, you and your business gain more exposure.

To achieve the maximum exposure, promote, promote, and then promote some more - Just loading a video to the internet is not going to drive traffic to your website. The secret to doing that with videos is promotion, promotion, promotion. If you want to get noticed, promote those videos to gain maximum exposure.

What You Need to Know about Video Viewership and Consumption

The fact that video consumption has grown in popularity exponentially was evidenced in the earlier part of 2012. According to the website comScore, approximately 37 billion video clips were viewed by roughly 181 million viewers. Facebook, Microsoft networks, and YouTube were three of the most popularity channels for distributing videos. Many of the more successful users of these sites claim that just because you attract a six or seven-figure viewership does not mean you will see a significant ROI.

5 Steps to Creating the Most Powerful Online Video Strategy

High quality, short-form content is an excellent way to increase your company's visibility, gain maximum exposure, and drive qualified traffic to your website. Convert these visitors into sales and the profits you gain will be significant. Here are 5 steps to creating the most cost-effective yet powerful online video marketing strategy:

Determine your goals and objectives - You cannot create a powerful online video strategy if you haven't set your goals and defined your objectives (a.k.a. success metrics). Do you want to boost visitor traffic and gain new subscribers? Do you want to increase page views and sales conversions? Then you need to define those goals and objectives.

Don't shotgun your videos to sharing platforms - Instead, start simple by only loading your best content initially. Before loading those videos to sharing platforms, upload them to your website first. Be sure that all of your videos are embeddable so you can easily upload them to blogs and social networking sites.

It's all about authenticity and providing value - Many individuals who are just getting started with online video strategies cannot resist the temptation to overdo special effects and overlook focus on what is most important, namely the content. Avoid that temptation if you want your videos to do their job and bring you more potential business.

Market and promote every video you produce - This was mentioned above under the section entitled "What You Need to Do First". However, it also applies here under the 5 steps as a key component of online video strategy development. Remember that no matter how well you craft your videos, you will never achieve 100% viewership. However, by promoting your video clips every time you release one, you will attract more attention than if you didn't.

Remember to always plan in advance - Never forget that "failing to plan means you are planning to fail" because it definitely applies when you are developing your online video marketing strategy. Choose up to three points for your message along with a unique concept and a solid structural concept for presenting these points.

Following these suggestions while keeping in mind the points made in the above content will enable you to develop a highly effective and extremely powerful online video strategy. Most importantly, you will successfully promote what matters most - your business, your products or services, and you as the expert because you have the solution to your customer's problems.