January 1st, 2015

Inbound Marketing Strategy

It is an undeniable fact that creating interesting content for inbound marketing strategies is important simply because nobody would take a second glance at uninteresting material.

In marketing, the main reason why businesses use it is to increase sales and make profit. Businesses use a variety of strategies to market their product; it ranges from advertising, using print ads, direct selling, promotions, press releases and so forth, and all of these strategies must attract people. It is the marketing dream of creating a crowd of people all rushing to purchase your product and in order to attract people, one must catch their interest, and this could happen if you are "interesting".

Getting attention is the name of the game, which is relatively difficult to do in inbound marketing, especially its "main arena" today is the internet. Connecting countries, nationalities, races and creed, the internet creates a world in itself, and within this cyber world being "interesting" is it's most vital "law" in order to survive. If in the wild, the law is survival of the fittest, in the internet the law is "interesting, provocative, sensational and extraordinary rules!" and it is an unforgiving rule in this jungle called the Internet.

It is a known fact that people, most of the time, only skims through a webpage rather than thoroughly reading it. One will just scan for relevant phrases then head off to another; it is like people are programmed to search for "interesting" things only, which is natural. All uninteresting content will be skipped through by any surfer, which is devastating if your products are being ignored. One of the most "sickening" feeling in marketing is to see your efforts being ignored and much worse, scoffed and laughed at, it is depressing, irritating, pitifully painful, and once you are in that quagmire of shame, you tend to quit thus ending your marketing career.

Well all of this can be avoided if it was "interesting" in the first place. Ever wondered by advertisers use extravagant claims, ingenious commercials and catchy phrases to market their products? It is because that people only tend to remember things that caught their attention. Retention of an idea in the brain is proportional on how big an impact it created on one's mind. For example, anyone remembers what they ate for Christmas last year, but forgets what they had eaten yesterday, the more impact it creates, the more anyone remembers it.

Marketing specialist's uses how the mind works to their advantage, by bombarding people with simple, brief and interesting facts about their product, they imprint their products into the minds of people. A catchy tune, a slick phrase or a wonderful and engaging visual can really make wonders in the marketing world. Gaining the attention of anyone for a short period of time, long enough to present your product is a success in itself, but not the game winning play.

In inbound marketing, you are allowing people to find you, rather that you finding them, which are a bit harder, if you are doing it wrong. Because of this, you must create one heck of a signage that will tell people, go here! It is like installing a huge billboard on top of the Statue of Liberty advertising your product. Publicity is one of the main ways of making you business interesting thus attracts attention. Being interesting is the name of the game and it is not that simple also, to be interesting needs imagination, through imagination and creativity, interesting content is made and that is the main ingredient of a successful inbound marketing strategy.

Remember that in a hectic world like today people tend to rush at things and never stop for a second glance if it's not that interesting enough to divert his or her attention from his schedule to look at your product. Creating interesting content is very important in inbound marketing strategy simply because nobody wants anything uninteresting, so start envisioning all interesting facts, visuals and ideas your product has to offer, cram it all up into a brief and concise way and then post in one a good and efficient landing page and viola! You've got something interesting going on, and will attract people to see what it is.