January 8th, 2018

Inbound Marketing Strategy

Multi-locational businesses face the overwhelming task of managing content across all regions of operations. Creating a successful online presence is imperative for digital marketing and finding the right software will help drive overall sales. The following list details the features that your multi-site CMS software should offer.   


Easy to use User-Interface  


You're a business owner, not a computer developer. Being able to manually customize how your websites look should be easy to do. The right software can be accessed from all devices, including desktop computers, tablets, and even smartphones.  


  • Drag and drop interfaces. When looking for a CMS, be sure it has a drag and drop editor. This allows for easy customization. Simply pick up the content block with the cursor and move it anywhere on the page.  

  • Responsive pages. Every website built should respond to the device a consumer is viewing it on. High-quality CMS software will automatically recognize mobile devices and change the layout accordingly. Responsiveness helps websites load faster and keeps potential customers engaged. 

  • Make multiple copies, quickly. Multi-location businesses must be able to create similar websites for all local territories. Being able to copy an original design saves time and resources while creating a continuity among the company brand.  


Centralized Multi-Site Management 


Creating different websites for every location is important for local search results. Being able to easily update and change content on every site requires a centralized administration hub. Choose a CMS program that makes it easy to control your businesses total digital presence. 


  • Customized URLs. For the ultimate online presence, every website should have a unique URL. This helps search algorithms independently rank each one. It also allows for specific zip codes to be attributed to each website.  


  • Multi-website updating. You could be running 500 or more websites, updating each one separately would prove to be impossible. Be sure the CMS chosen allows users to make changes and additions that are updated instantly on all websites.  


  • Allow for multiple users. The ability to lock and unlock content for various users allows for customization of child sites. Let different branches of your company update and change their own sites while keeping the important content locked.  


SEO and Marketing Capabilities  


Search engine optimization is the best method for ranking websites and content organically. When customers search for your business, it should be your website as the top result found. Once a customer lands on a webpage, there should be ample opportunities to convert the visit into a lead and eventually, a sale.  


  • Fast content delivery. Geographically diverse nodes make delivering content to customers fast and efficient. A good CMS has the infrastructure that allows for fast updates. Decentralized cloud storage helps maintain uptime and allows websites to load faster.

  • Multi-Site Form Builder. Expert level CMS software makes A/B testing easy. Creating different call-to-action buttons for every unique website will help with conversion rates. Compare different territories and understand how customers are thinking, in real time.  

  • Custom optimized tags. Organize individual websites with proven keywords. Customize local websites and create broad terms that solidify your brand across geographic areas. Finding an easy to use and professional CMS will make this process simple to complete.  

  • Personal Content Publishing. Local SEO is the holy grail for multi-location businesses. A properly designed CMS will allow for local publishing. Let local reps create their own content and use geographic specific keywords that have been tested. Lose the generic corporate jargon and create locally sourced content.  


Seedlogix Multi-Site CMS 



At Seedlogix, we strive to be the industry leader in providing CMS solutions for multi-location businesses. Our proprietary software has been built from the ground up to satisfy the unique demands of businesses with multiple territories.   


  • Professional in-house operation. We can create cutting-edge software because our team is entirely our own. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, our company is here every day to ensure your CMS is always operational. 

  • Customer support. We are committed to providing you real-time support for all your needs. Using Seedlogix, you can ask for as much (or as little) assistance as required.  

  • Content creation.  If you need fresh content for your websites, Seedlogix can help. With a dedicated team, we can create SEO focused articles and authority building digital media in your industry.  


Contact Seedlogix today and discover a better way to market your multi-location business.