October 6th, 2017

Inbound Marketing Strategy

The benefits of having a large national, or even global presence can be enormous. With such an extensive reach, brand recognition is much easier to achieve. It also gives your sales the benefits of being inside many different markets. But it can also have its downsides. Lack of customer trust and interaction can keep you from fully penetrating local markets.  


Marketing on a Corporate Level 


For broad, national campaigns, targeting the most people possible is usually the idea. Large-scale email campaigns and maybe some television ads are part of the process. This is a great strategy if what you sell can easily appeal to different markets. But if your company uses dealers, franchises, or any type of de-centralized selling strategy, a broad national campaign can only do so much. 


Fighting Advertisement Blindness  

Large corporate messaging tends to be ignored by potential customers. Banner blindness is the phenomenon of customers ignoring a typical ad placement online. People have been conditioned, over the last 10 years, to never click on a banner ad.  

And why would they? 

Banner ads are the equivalent of billboards on the highway.  Most people will only glance at them, if at all.   For broad scale campaigns, incorporating these seemingly benign and ultimately expensive ads can quickly get out of hand.  Knowing where to post them and how to bring in views to your corporate page can be an extreme challenge. 


Just because you bought some ad space in a local market, doesn't mean people will see you as a local brand. An ad campaign can only do so much for market saturation.  The best way to reach local markets and new customers is to be a local company. 


Embracing Your Local Side 


Instead of wasting time and money on a national branding venture, keep it local instead. Your decentralized selling platform works great because it makes sales in smaller communities.  Instead of trying to corporatize every facet of marketing, let each node have some breathing space.  


Custom Website: Creating a custom website for each of your territories can improve your local standing dramatically. This includes having custom URL as well. Make a site that will rank high on the local Google results with fun content and an easy to navigate web map.  Using a custom website can help as a platform for unrolling a new national marketing campaign. Instead of relying on banner ads, rely on local websites.  


Local Social Media: To go with your local website, create local social media accounts. Engage with local people on a small scale. Nobody likes a large, faceless organization trying to sell them stuff. But if you put a local spin on your products and services, people are more inclined to listen.  


Study the Analytics: Creating local websites create opportunities for data collection. Because you are now targeting specific territories, the data collected is even more localized. This lets you organize web traffic by geographic location. It makes targeting local territories that much easier.  Run A/B tests and discover what content is popular in which territories and use that to your advantage. Check your bounce rate and target visitors who visit more than once.  


Email Marketing: By taking advantage of a local website, you can create highly targeted email campaigns. Make custom CTA's for every territory and funnel potential leads into specific campaigns. Give away local deals and specials, targeting certain consumers. You can even combine local email lists for a coordinated national campaign. By keeping the local roots and utilizing corporate resources, your marketing implementation can turn into an unstoppable machine.  


Give Local Agents Some Autonomy 


If your company has local agents in each territory, allowing them some control over the business has the potential to increase sales. Because they are located on the ground, they will know how best to talk to the local customers. By building them their own website, you can control the overall theme but still give them some freedoms to post local content.  

Building a local web presence can encourage greater participation with your company. Check out SeedLogix, we have the software solutions you need to fulfill all your marketing needs in as many territories as you want.