April 26th, 2018

Inbound Marketing Strategy

When one considers general marketing concepts, the first concept that marketers learn is known as the 3 M’s. The 3 M’s stand for Market, Message, and Media, with each holding their own special and important place in any successful marketing strategy. Paying the same careful attention to each M of the 3, marketers are well on their way to implementing a successful and rich marketing campaign.  


The Market Concept  

The first concept is the market concept which refers to your target market. Your target market is who you’re looking to reach with your marketing message, and figuring out just how to best reach this group in a way that is engaging and meaningful. Your target market is comprised of different sets of demographics, including age, information, gender, income, and even psychographics revolving around certain tastes, likes, or dislikes.  

Within the market concept, it’s inarguably important for any brand to really narrow down and specify who they’re looking to reach. Unclear marketing is ineffective marketing, which is marketing that isn’t worth the time and resources put into it due to a lack of real results. A dedicated inbound marketing team can make sure you're targeting and reaching your audience.


The Message Concept  

The message concept revolves around what you’re saying, and the story you’re putting out to your market. A marketer wants their message to be specifically tailored to what the target market wants or needs to see, sending them a clear and concise message about what needs to be said. Generally, marketers want to focus more on wants than needs, as markets are more likely to grow excited and engaged with their wants.  

It’s common for people to put off what they need in favor of what they want. Needs aren’t subjects that drive a whole lot of raw passion, and therefore don’t instantly hook markets and get them excited to engage. By figuring out what the market wants, and crafting a message and story that caters to this want, marketers can best reach these audiences in a meaningful way.  


The Media Concept  

Media refers to all the ways marketers can send out their message to their desired markets. If the market is the product recipient, and the message is the product, media refers to the delivery system that gets the product to its intended target. Marketers will want to choose forms of media that best suit their target market and places their message in a place where the market naturally resides.  

Brands can also use different forms of media to deliver different messages. For instance, if video is the chosen platform for communicating a message, it can be shared via YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook on social media. If a brand is crafting a newsletter, email may be the most appropriate media vessel. For brands that prefer using photos or short video clips to relay their message, Instagram or Snapchat may be the most appropriate media choices depending on their particular target market.  

Master the 3 M's with SeedLogix

Mastering the 3 M’s of marketing can seem a daunting task for multi-location businesses and franchise brands. Not only do these concepts need to be fully understood and realized for corporate brands, but individual locations need to be considered as well in order to effectively engage local audiences. With the right franchise-based CMS, tailoring marketing strategies is made simple. For professional experience and a user-friendly marketing concept mastering experience, contact SeedLogix today to see what can be done for your multi-location business.