February 21st, 2015

Inbound Marketing Strategy

What's the big deal about link building? In a nutshell, it is the simple process of gaining links to your own websites. These are called backlinks or inbound links. Imagine other people directing their traffic back to you by pointing a link to your site. They are a very crucial part of the World Wide Web and internet. It is how an individual is able to move from data/information to another website with information, whether it is opinionated, scientific, factual, or just trivial. Search engines, such as Google, use links as a factor in determining your rank and web presence as well.

For example, let's say you're into hypnosis and you love to read articles from a well-known person in that field. You love his work so much that whenever a person asks you about tips for hypnosis or any information, you always point them to his website. Since that person trusts you as a friend, you have the fixed reputation and authority. Therefore, people will take your advice serious and go to that author's site. link building is the method of referrals on the Internet. It is how authority is passed on and it is how reputations are built.

Why Is link building So Important?

Now that we've covered some ground in what link building is all about, why is it so important? The point is that everyone is really trying to get their websites friendly enough for the search engines. We all want a stronger presence on the web, and that means higher ranks. The number one activity online is to get into the search engine game. So, since everyone is trying to rank higher, we all have to play by the rules set forth by the search engines.

One of the most important things to remember, as far as link building is concerned, is that the more quality backlinks you have, the higher you will rank. Links are just not that easy to get, especially the high quality ones. The same goes with getting people's referrals. You could pay them, which is not recommended. The fact is that people and websites will only link to you if they find some use or value in your content. The number of links your site has is the key for Google in evaluating just how important your site is to other individuals. Even if you have tons of high quality content, with new discoveries that could change the world, if you don't have backlinks, Google will not acknowledge your website. You have to remember that search engines, like Google, are not human. They are machines and they are blind to the real value of your website. The only thing they can see is the number and quality of links.

Targeted Links

One of the main principles in link building to keep in mind is that you want to target your strategy. You want to be sure to focus on the correct anchor texts that point to the correct destination websites. This means that you only want high quality links that are relevant to your websites. Here are some ways you can create more targeted links for your site:

  • Focus on your list for link prospects - Simply rushing to get a bunch of links for general sites is not the way to do this. You want to think about the sites that you're going to work with. The more relevant, the better. The first place to look is on your lists.
  • Build links that will entice people to click through - When you do the link building, you want people to click through the link within the document that you are delivering. In addition, you want to use certain power words that will entice them to click and want to know more. You can get a lot of ideas for this by studying the top authorities and websites. These are the ones you want to point links back to you.
  • You can also dig through the analytics of your website to increase your link building methods, as well as, to see if there may be any opportunities that you may have missed. This can be especially useful when you're targeting traffic from the search engine results. A lot of people will use particular keyword phrases to get a higher rank in the search engine results. These keywords are used by individuals and customers to find information on a particular subject, product or service.

    You can use Google Analytics to find out just how powerful your website pages are. You can use it to segment specific keywords, especially the ones that have a high activity of use. You can evaluate the bounce rate versus the percentage of new visitors. By having this sectioned and segmented off, you will be able to determine the correct anchor texts for more accurate targeting. This will make your strong pages even stronger. It will also give you an indication as to which pages people find relevant, thereby increasing your targeted link building effectiveness.