April 19th, 2018

Inbound Marketing Strategy

Most marketers in 2018 place content marketing at the center of their overall digital marketing strategy. During the year 2016, more than 198 million people downloaded ad blocking applications to block advertising from intruding on their online experience, showing that outbound marketing is going out, while inbound marketing is very much in. Inbound marketing is all about your content and using your content to drive quality traffic to your brand website.  

When creating content, if you’re not focusing on optimizing readability, your brand may be losing out on revenue. When a brand is driving traffic through multiple channels, and reaching wide audiences, they need to hook a wide range of people incorporated into their audiences. What this means is that your content needs to work hard, and have the ability to reach all of these people in an engaging and worthwhile way.  

If your content fails to be readable to audiences, brands risk a high bounce rate, which affects their search rankings and doesn’t lead to desired conversions. When leads find their way to a website, they discover that the website’s content isn’t readable and quickly turn away, this is the bounce brands want to avoid.  

How Do You Write With Readability?  

Writing with readability is simple, but it does take following some guidelines in content creation and writing. Only 15 percent of United States citizens read at a level matching that of an undergraduate degree, and the literacy rate hasn’t improved in just about a decade. In order to reach these wide desired audiences, writing should speak to all of them. What to do and what not to do when creating readable content includes:  


Eliminate industry jargon. A great deal of content is sprinkled with industry jargon, with brands feeling as though it makes them seem more knowledgeable, but all it does is actually stop readers from engaging.  

Long Sentences 

Avoid writing in long and drawn out sentences. In order to keep things simple to skim, keep it short and sweet.  

Passive voice 

Engaging content does not use a passive voice.  

Plain language 

Writing in plain language helps brands to connect and engage with a greater number of their audiences.  

Cognitive overhead 

Using simple and clear language allows more readers to engage.  

Headings and subheadings 

Headings and subheadings help readers to more easily follow a brand’s story.  

Reading age 

In order to reach the greatest number of readers, try writing at around an 8th-grade reading level.  

Using The Inverted Pyramid 


A great way to approach content information with a focus on readability is to focus on the inverted pyramid technique. This technique simply places the most important information first, which draws the reader in and keeps them from turning away. When outlining your content using the inverted pyramid, marketers should keep their language simple, their sentences short, and their format simple to skim.  

It’s not just human readers that love simple content laid out in an inverted pyramid format. Google search spiders combing content and arranging it for Google search engine rankings also value readability, and they are like to situate the most readable content highest on the list of user search results. 

Gain Readability with SeedLogix 

Using a CMS specifically designed for multi-location and franchise businesses can help marketers in any industry to market for their corporate brand as well as all of their desired locations. This marketing assistance includes building content that focuses on readability and using this important characteristic to improve bounce rates and climb search engine rankings. Learning more about using a CMS to optimize readability for your multi-location business content starts with SeedLogix today.