September 20th, 2017

Inbound Marketing Strategy

The relatively recent advances in customer service mean almost every website can have their own agents. Not sure what I’m referring to?

Next time you are frequenting a bank or credit card company’s website, wait for a live chat box to appear. Inside the box will be a real person, asking if you need help. This is a relatively recent phenomenon and until just a few years ago, was only used on financial sites. But as with every piece of technology, the more affordable it becomes, the more prevalent its appearance. Having customer service agents offering real time support has taken reader engagement to a whole new level.

Reader engagement, in the past, relied upon clever writing, strong SEO knowledge, and custom User Experience layouts that made interacting with a website easy and fun. As marketing has progressed, engagement techniques have grown to include online shopping, Email campaigns, and even popups with a Call To Action on them. Having a live person offering real time assistance is yet another piece of the marketing puzzle.

Why is Having a Real Person Talking to Customers Important?

Using a live chat, and having a real person talk to a potential customer is the highest rated type of customer service. Compare live chat to a phone call or a simple Email and most people prefer the chat option. And why is that? Because it’s fast. There is no waiting around or having to remember why you even called in the first place. And when making sales, all it takes is a millisecond for a customer to change their mind.

When you are selling a product or service on your website, most consumers will want to talk about their decision before pulling the trigger. Think about retail stores. They have employees interacting with and talking to shoppers, assisting their purchasing behaviors. Having a live customer service chat is like having a sales person in the ear of every website visitor.

And the best part about the entire service is that it makes call centers irrelevant. Can you think of any more annoying and infuriating task than being on hold? I feel confident that no citation is needed for that fact but here is a study in case you don’t believe me. Incorporating this new technology onto your site increases customer happiness. Happier customers leave better reviews and turn into repeat clients.

With the advancement of Artificial Intelligence, many have made claims that most jobs will become irrelevant. That is simply not true, especially when it comes to customer satisfaction. Unless the product you sell is marketed to robots, having a person assist in making the sale is always the best option.

Staying One Step Ahead of the Competition

Having your business thrive in the ever increasing complexity of the digital marketplace requires new ideas. In the past, new ideas and technological advancements came every few years, maybe even once a decade. In recent years, technological advances come every few months and require large amounts of time to stay up to date. With automation continuing to advance rapidly, it only means faster technological rollouts. In regards to customer service, having more automation frees up companies abilities to augment marketing campaigns with real people.

Think about your competition and what they are doing to chase the same demographic as you. Content is updated frequently, and your social media presence is ever growing but you could always do more. In the battle of the free market, whoever has the best product should ultimately win. But if nobody knows about your product or the buying process is convoluted, you are likely to lose out. Having live chat is just another step in the right direction.

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