June 11th, 2015

Inbound Marketing Strategy

An Overview of Public Speaking

Many individuals who are successful internet marketers and online business owners will turn to public speaking in order to further promote themselves and their products or services. Granted, not everyone is cut out for public speaking. In fact there are very few successful online business people who look for opportunities to promote themselves as public speakers. The greatest fear that most individuals have today is getting up and making presentations or speaking to a group of people. In fact, more people fear public speaking than they do dying.

The primary reason that most people shy away from public speaking is because of the possibility that they could be subjected to group humiliation. Conversely, there are those individuals who have overcome their fears and become public speakers. As a result, they have enhanced their business image and improved their reputations through public speaking efforts which promote them as the experts in their field. Many individuals today have turned to social media and networking to establish their reputation as a speaker. It gives you as many opportunities as you need to make yourself known because it is accessible around the clock.

How Can You Benefit?

As far as actual speaking engagements are concerned, it gives you an opportunity to listen to the social media's concerns and see if your products or services can provide them with a possible solution. Public speaking also provides numerous opportunities to share your expertise with interested listeners. This also helps to prepare you for a position as a corporate or professional speaker if you decide to go that route. Additionally, if you have been employed as a performer or teacher, you may already have a distinct advantage over others who have not been involved in those endeavors.

How to Create a Speaking Page

If you are an aspiring internet marketer or online entrepreneur, you can benefit from public speaking when you develop and launch your blog or website. You can compose what is called a "speaking page" to help establish your business. More importantly, you can create credibility with your followers, promote your products or services, and raise your visibility. The following is a list of steps that you can take when creating your speaking page.

Add calls to action - all internet marketing sales pages usually end with reasons for people to purchase the product or service being advertised and a call to action. Calls to action tell the reader to do one of three things including get more information to learn more, purchase the product or service now, or subscribe for a FREE trial version.

Create short welcome videos - you can create a reader's empathy and provide them with a more personalized view of how you can answer their questions or solve their problems as well as promoting what you have to offer at the same time.

Provide an overview of the speaking page and website - this is a basic outline of the sections of your speaking page or your website (or both). Topics that you can cover include:

  • What the reader can expect
  • Biographical information about the website and the owner
  • Video clips
  • Most requested topics
  • What others say about you and your business
  • Previous engagements
  • Future engagements
  • Next steps that the reader should take

Start by creating a list and then hyperlink the items on the list to the appropriate sections on other web pages. This makes it easier for the reader to find the information they are looking for and redirects them to that page.

Tell your website visitors what they can expect - give them just enough information to entice them into clicking on the link provided in order to find out more. The page that they are redirected to is most likely where the "sales pitch" will be as well as the call to action.

Compose a biography - this can be as easy as cutting and pasting what you have written on the "About Us" page, although you should realistically make it different so it isn't just a copy. You can list aspects of your business such as career history, credentials, media and speaking experiences, social media platform scope, and objectives.

Include video clips - in some cases, this is more important than the other elements listed above and in many instances, the reader wants to view your past accomplishments or endeavors. It is a great way to present you in live context. It's also a great way to include a FREE demo to interest the reader even further.

Finally, you should include a listing of your upcoming events and public appearances. This will help to demonstrate that you are in demand and that the reader should consider hiring your services or purchasing your products. It is also a great way to address the client's problems or questions and provide them with a solution to their needs.