August 3rd, 2018

Inbound Marketing Strategy

Your website is a real window into your multi-location business. For some, it may be the first interaction with your business they have, and for this reason, you want to make a great first impression. From the website, your audience will get a glimpse into your reputation, your trustworthiness, and your core values as a brand. Essentially, your website is the framework for your business credibility and will let audiences know whether or not they should be spending their money with you.

Audiences aren’t alone in judging your brand reputation and credibility by its website. Search engines like Google and Bing will also assess your website credibility, and it will use this information to rank your website higher or lower on search engine search results.


Adding Credibility To Your Website

There are several approaches a multi-location brand can make to add credibility to their website. A credible website is one that audiences will use to feel secure about a brand, and it’s one that search engines will trust funneling potential customers to. A few ways to add credibility to your website are:

Include testimonials

If you have happy customers leaving positive reviews and testimonials about your brand, don’t be afraid to display these proudly on your website. It’s important for these testimonials are genuine, as today’s savvy internet-using consumers will be able to spot a fake from a mile away, and this could hurt your credibility greatly.

Update it regularly

Whether through content or design, you can always tell when a website hasn’t been updated in a while. An out of date or out of fashion website will make audiences think your business matches its web presence – its dead with not much attention being paid. A blog can show how often your website is updated, and the main website content should be updated around once per year.

Be open with contact information

You don’t want your audience to think you’re hiding from them, as this doesn’t provide a very trustworthy image for your brand. Contact information plainly on your website lets them know that they can contact you with any questions, concerns, or even reviews that they may have. An added plus – your testimonials and reviews can be sent right to you through an e-mail, phone, or chat log.

Talk about you

An About Us section can really help visitors to get to know you and become familiar with what your brand is all about. For multi-location businesses, an About Us section in local franchise websites gives you an opportunity to put a local spin on your content in an effort to better speak to desired audiences in different geographical locations.


A Credible Website For A Trustworthy Customer Experience

A credible website is your way to assure audiences and customer bases that they can expect a trustworthy and valuable experience with your brand. Assistance in building the type of website that accurately represents your brand is just a click away when you contact SeedLogix today.