March 8th, 2018

Inbound Marketing Strategy

If you’re implementing a cross-channel strategy, email marketing deserves a spot within it. Email marketing has proven to be effective, but only when done well – so how do you approach making sure you stand out? You want to craft a message that stands on its own two legs, and you want to reach audiences in a way that represents your brand’s unique voice. For multi-site brands, this means targeting your various localized lists with content that speaks to them specifically.  

Tricks to Make Your Email Marketing a Cut Above the Rest  

A few tips and tricks can help to make your email marketing stand out amongst all the other emails in a recipient’s inbox. Some tricks to make your email marketing a cut above the rest are:  

Create and set a tone 

You want your tone to speak to your target audience, while also staying true to the unique personality of your brand. While your personality stays the same across all channels, the tone you use to communicate this personality can be different depending on the type of marketing you’re doing and the type of audiences you’re reaching. For your email marketing, you want to consider the tone you’re using and how that tone is going to speak to the inboxes you’re going into.  

Make use of your subject line

Your subject line is a very important tool in email marketing. All too often we see subject lines that are wasted with repeat information, wasted space, and a message that doesn’t immediately entice or connect with audiences. Not making use of your subject line can lead recipients to delete or ignore your email without ever taking a second look.  

To create a quality subject line your main goal is to convey the value of the email’s content in a way that is quick and communitive while also resonating with your specific audience. A/B testing can help you to determine what types of subject lines work for you, and what may not, and taking this on yourself will take some trial and error. By employing a CMS system and digital marketing agency, you can reap the reward of having professionals who already have knowledge in what makes a great subject line.  

Use design to your advantage 

So you’ve come up with a great subject line, and the recipient has opened your email. What do they see now? Email allows for plenty of capability in terms of creating your own design, and this should be used to your advantage. It’s also important to remember that 2/3 of people access their email through smartphone devices, so your design and format should be suitable for mobile viewing as well.  

Consider rewards

Marketing emails also offer a great tool for rewarding customers, particularly those who have just made a purchase or signed up with your website. This is an opportunity many brands miss, and it can be implemented whether transactions are made online or in a brick and mortar location. Some rewards that can be offered via email marketing are discounts towards a future purchase, content that matches the interests of their latest purchase, or the ability to sign up for a rewards or loyalty program.  

Email Marketing and Multi-Site Brands  

Your multi-site brand can reap these email marketing benefits, especially when a local spin is put on email marketing strategies. Rewards catering to brick and mortar stores near their location, using a local personality, or showcasing promotions happening in in-person locations are just a few ways to drive audiences to your physical sites.  

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