November 28th, 2017

Inbound Marketing Strategy

A chatbot, or IM bot, is a computer program that automatically conducts conversations based on the questions asked. Chatbots are designed to simulate an actual human conversation and make users believe they are talking to a real person. Even if customers know it's an artificial intelligence bot it gives them a feeling of ease and makes the process more natural.  Chatbots are being used by many businesses to increase productivity. By using a chatbot you'll decrease the time and stress level of dealing with customer service and increase customer satisfaction.  


Customer Service  

A good customer service system is vital for any business. According to the American Express Survey, 78 percent of consumers have bailed on a transaction because of a poor customer service experience. Many millennials no longer want to deal with the process of calling a customer service number and being put on hold. A question that was meant to take five seconds then turns into 15 minutes of being transferred to different lines. Granted you get to listen to some nice elevator music, but we have the internet and actual elevators for that. 

Understandably, many businesses are truly busy, however, people are impatient. Thus, many businesses have begun installing chatbots into their websites and Facebook messenger accounts. Customers can still call their business line for specific questions, and the chatbot will cover the basics.  


Cost Reduction  

Installing a chatbot could result in a massive cost reduction for your business. According to new research, chatbots could cut business costs by 8 billion by 2022. Chatbots currently save businesses 20 million globally. The cost reduction comes at the price of human representatives. As artificial intelligence grows, customer service jobs will decrease.  

A common stress for many business owners is providing employees with the best onboarding and training program. According to HROnBoard, onboarding every new employee costs around $400. Your business can get rid of this cost altogether by installing a chatbot.  


Instant Information 

Most interactions online are not initiated by the customer service employee for a business. However, chatbots produce proactive customer interactions. They do not wait and initiate contact with customers right away. A person could be skimming through your site with no intention to actively seek help and then find themselves interested in your brand's business due to the chatbot's inquiry. An example of a chatbot reaching out would be asking if a customer needs assistance.  



Customer service hours normally run on a 9 to 5 schedule. However, most potential customers also run on the same schedule. This common practice results in frustration from customers. With chatbot's your potential customers can ask questions at any time. Chatbots are always ready to interact and do not run on a schedule.  


Higher Reach 

There's only so many people a human can answer. Many times, you'll be given a waiting screen, or told to wait for the next available consultant. With chatbot's, consumer interactions are limitless. A chatbot can answer an infinite amount of questions every second. This also makes it easy to scale data.  


Social Media Takeover 

Apps are taking over, and your business needs to stay ahead of the curve with a chatbot plugin.  In a retail study, 71 percent of millennials said they would like to try a chatbot from a major brand, and 70 percent of them revealed having positive experiences with chatbots. Many of the chatbot's millennials interact with are located on their mobile devices.  

About 77 percent of American's own smartphones, and conduct business through applications. Facebook Messenger alone has 1 billion monthly users that send more than 60 billion chat messages a day. Due to its amazing volume, Facebook now has over 30,000 bots as of 2016.  



Chatbots aren't only for the tech-savvy Instead of listening to WebMD and booking an appointment right away after you've assured yourself that you have a disease, you could just talk to a chatbot and get everything cleared up. As a healthcare provider, or insurer, you could set up a chatbot on your homepage or through social media in order to gain a reputation of being a website people can trust will give them quality information on their health.  



Installing a chatbot can save your business time, money, and stress. Just like a chatbot service, Seedlogix can provide you with software that will take your businesses website to another level. To learn more about our site management and content blogs contact us today!