October 3rd, 2017

Inbound Marketing Strategy

Creating engaging content and focusing on your search engine results are terrific ways to increase viewer engagement. Even if your website is garnering views and climbing in relevance, unless you have a way to collect a viewer's information, then your site is not living up to its potential. The best method of convincing your reader to offer their information is with a Call To Action (CTA).

What Do CTA’s Ask For?

Understanding what your CTA should ask for is a necessity in writing one. Are you asking for a user’s Email address, credit card info, age, living location? Knowing what you want will determine how to ask for it.

The first rule of utilizing a CTA is writing one. Once you have it fleshed out, affix it to your website in some way. Many people use footers, popups, or even interfaces that freeze content until an Email address is received. Discovering the right method for your business is important to figure out.

Remember, the whole idea behind a CTA is that you need some sort of information to eventually make a sale. That’s why Emails are the most common asks for CTA’s. You can utilize Emails for marketing campaigns and focused mailers. Plus, having a large list of Email addresses lets you understand the relative demographics your site is appealing to. Information gleaned from your own customers is invaluable for your business. You can build a database of users, track frequent buyers, and discover the best CTA’s, allowing you to further customize your website to increase sales.

Tips for Creating a Successful CTA

The first rule of CTA’s is that you are not selling anything. The goal of writing some should be to engage the reader and build a relationship. Your website should have something for sale but the CTA is not a sales pitch. At least don’t make it sound like one. Collecting a user’s contact information is almost as valuable as having made a sale.

  • Appealing content helps make better CTA’s. Ask yourself this question, would you give up your email address if a website was full of lame and useless content? You wouldn’t, and you certainly wouldn’t stay on a website if it was so worthless. Building your company’s website so that it is entertaining and enjoyable to click through make the readers more likely to react favorably to a CTA. If your CTA asks for a reader’s Email so they can be updated when new content is posted, then your website better have a history of frequently posting content.

  • Customize CTA’s for every page. Your website has more than one page. There are multiple tabs and menus, each with their own original content and different methods of user engagement. Customize a CTA for every page of content you have. Give each page a theme and customize your Call To Action. The more unique and exciting they are, the more likely a user will volunteer their information.

  • Give something away for free. Who doesn’t love free stuff? Offering to give away a free item is an excellent way to gather someone’s Email. Some examples of a free giveaway are coupons or digital files. Not only do you gain a user’s data but you also build trust with a potential customer. Next time they purchase something from your site, they are more likely to use their credit card info.

  • Write Your CTA as if it’s the reader’s idea. Instead of wording a CTA like a sales pitch, make it sound like the reader wanted to give you their Email address already.

Example of a sales pitch CTA: “Like what you see? Sign up now for all the latest coupons”.

Example of a well-written CTA: “Missing out on the latest coupons is not who you are, join us and receive weekly discounts”.  

Having a CTA is Crucial to Growing a User Base

Unless you ask your website visitors for information, your online presence is nothing more than an expensive billboard. Information is the currency of the internet age. The more you have, the more successful your business will be. Understanding and learning about your demographic is a crucial step in creating sales. Use the CTA wisely and cultivate the right data sets to help increases sales potential.