February 24th, 2015

Inbound Marketing Strategy

Let's face it, content creation is king on the Internet. In the everyday world, we have a saying, "Cash is king!" With cold, hard cash, many opportunities for an enriched and better quality of life open up immediately. But on the internet, content reigns supreme. Why is content creation so important? The fact is that without content, your site will not have any visitors. If the websitedoes not have visitors, then whatever purpose for the website being online in the first place will most likely fail, and fail miserably. This is because you are still dealing with human beings who have various interests, desires, fears, concerns, worries, dreams, fantasies, hopes and expectations. In addition, we are living in the information age, where everyone is hungry for information on one topic or another.

Having stated that, content creation builds rapport. You need to have rapport with the website visitors that are coming to your website. This means that if you have rapport, your visitors will feel like they can trust you. If your rapport building strategies are done right, you can gain a huge following, a loyal fan base, a loyal and repeat customer base, and even joint ventures. In fact, it takes a certain amount of rapport building to build up any business or website. Thus, content creation is the most effective method of rapport building on the Internet.

Rapport Building & content creation - How They Work Hand In Hand

Let's look at a few pointers and determine just how important rapport building and content creation are in the big picture.

  1. Individuals will more likely purchase from you if they know, trust and like you. Think about it, if you know and like a company, you're more likely to make a purchase from it. By finding out about your customer's needs and then creating high quality content that they can use, you are working on a very effective way to build rapport. Within time, you will be trusted more and more, which means an increase in your bottom line.
  2. When you share it builds a sense of community and bonding. Sharing tips and methods to solve problems builds a sense of belonging. Everyone has the need to feel like they belong somewhere in some way. By sharing things in your content that is valued by your audience or market, you will have followers and loyal fans.

Building Relationships

Building relationships is definitely one of the best ways to get high quality links to your site as well. By building these relationships, you can take your business to much higher levels, in regards to link acquiring and increasing leads. In fact, you may not be surprised to discover that your relationships will affect your overall network referrals.

There are a variety of methods to rapport building, content creation, and strengthening your online relationships. It usually just starts with a simple discussion on a blog, forum, social networking portals or Question & Answer forums. In addition, there are many kinds of business conferences that can be utilized in much the same way. The point is to engage with your market or target industry.

  • Content that is crowd sourced - This involves creating content that gets a group of contributors to respond. This could be a series of questions that experts in a particular field will answer. Think about how valuable that could be to your markets.
  • Content that is curated – This is the hybrid between pure automation and pure content creation.
  • Interviews - These are also excellent ways to build content, especially with known and respected experts in a particular field.

Once you've created your content, it's important to notify not only those who are going to be involved in the interviews or question and answer forum, but also your market. What happens is that these experts or those who are participating in the discussions will most likely feature your post on their networks, blogs, and forums. This opens the door to more traffic and more exposure for your website. It can also add to the credibility factor in regards to you and your brand, as well as website.

Please Note: Some clients just will not allow you to do something like this on their domain. This doesn't mean that you no longer are able to use this effective method of content creation and rapport building. If this is the case, you can just as easily start a blog that is targeted to a particular niche and that uses a more personal method. You can use that blog to focus on creating curated content, interviews and research.

It then gets a lot easier to enter as a guest blogger on someone else's site as you talk with your link prospects and interview them on your blog. By featuring them, your content creation and rapport building strategies will create a win/win situation for yourself and others as well.