January 22nd, 2018

Inbound Marketing Strategy

You gained your prospects attention and sent them a crafted personalized email. That's great! However, it's easy to spend so much time caring about your initial interaction with potential clients that you forget the importance of the follow-up email. Follow-up emails should not be an afterthought. This is your "checking-in" email that sets the tone for your business to potential customers. The average person gets about 121 emails a day, so it's important to not blow your chances of receiving a new prospect with a bad follow-up email. We've compiled a list of 7 follow-up mistakes your business should avoid at all cost.  



You're Sending an Email, Not an Essay  

When it comes to follow-up emails, less is more. You may have the urge to ramble on about your company, but that's a big mistake and could cost you a possible client. Avoid the temptation, and think about your own inbox. The most considerate thing you can do for a possible client is cut to the chase. They know your company, they've interacted with you, and now you're simply following up with them. Keep the email short and get your point across.  


No Context 

Don't assume your prospect read your last email or heard their voicemail. Many times, prospects won't read their emails until the end of the day, or week. Don't send an email that has no context of why you're contacting them. 



Hello David, 

Just checking in again.  

Still want to receive amazing benefits with our company? 



Hello David, 

I wanted to circle back to an email we sent you earlier this week. I've attached it below to refresh your memory. If you're still interested we can set you up for a 10-minute consultation today. 

It's important to specifically provide your client with as much context as possible. Do not make them try to remember who you are. Simply attach your previous message, or bring up a previous phone conversation in order to give context to the email. You're not a stranger in their inbox, so don't come off as one.  


Not Checking the CRM 

The CRM, customer relationship management, system needs to be checked on a regular basis. Make sure you're not sending multiple copies of the same email to prospects months later. Personalized email messages improve click-through rates by an average of 14 percent. This means having Brad send your customers the same message Jake sent them weeks ago with only the name being a difference is a red flag for all potential clients. Make sure to always check your CMS and make sure calls, meetings, and emails are logged.  



Only Addressing Key Buyer 

If you ever decide to do business with a group of people, do not address only one of their members. Either refer to each member individually, to their business's name or send individual emails. You may be trying to talk to their key buyer, but making the rest of the team feel left out in their own inbox isn't the way to do this.  



You Sound Like a Robot  

The biggest mistake many businesses make when sending follow-up emails, and emails in general, is sounding like an automated machine. It's great that you know all the jargon that describes your business, but the follow-up email isn't the time to show off your vocabulary skills. Your email should be conversational and natural. Stop with the jargon, and make them a bargain.  



You're Uninviting  

It's understandable to have a purpose when sending follow-up emails. You're simply checking in to make sure they've received the information you intended to reach them. However, you should always allow for a two-way conversation to be open and allow them to respond to the email. Nineteen percent of buyers want to connect with a salesperson when they're first learning about your product. Using a "Do not reply" email is a big no-no in the world of digital marketing. You're trying to be transparent, and not allowing potential clients to reach you is not the way to gain their trust.  



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