April 27th, 2018

Inbound Marketing Strategy

There are a few reasons why some brands may choose to avoid inbound marketing. First, they may not quite understand what inbound marketing is all about. Next, they could be under the impression that they want to be sales driven, and how can content really lead to black and white numbers? Last, they may not have the resources dedicated to creating a smart and effective inbound marketing strategy.  

Inbound marketing is a highly effective strategy when done correctly, and in its designit nurtures leads throughout their sales journey into becoming conversions. It’s not an “in your face” method, and it provides a little something for potentially nothing, which is something visitors can’t resist when push comes to shove.  


The Benefits Of Inbound Marketing Outlined  

Investing in inbound marketing, once you see the benefits, is an inarguably smart choice. The 5 benefits of inbound marketing are:  

Simplifies sales and marketing tasks

With inbound marketing, you’re joining the forces of both your sales and marketing teams to reap the reward of both talents without increasing their workload. Your sales team uses their knowledge of key insights into what the customer needs throughout all points of their buying journey, and the marketing team uses this information to create targeted content that speaks to these needs specifically. With this combined power, your sales and marketing teams can use their talents to nurture existing customers while driving new leads.  

Increases visibility

Today’s modern world is a lot different than the business world of the past. Today even the smallest brands have the power to gain worldwide recognition, and smart inbound marketing is a great way to go about it. When your brand produces the type of content that nurtures the customer’s buying journey, target audiences will be able to better find their answers with you, and may even share these answers with others who have similar needs and interests.  

Education in the digital world

Whether B2B or B2C, prospects go online to find answers and become educated on a variety of topics. Inbound marketing provides that education in the digital world they’re already spending their time in, essentially placing you exactly where the audiences you wish to reach can find you.  

Increase trust

Outbound marketing does little to garner trust, and for this reason, it’s beginning to be shunned in favor of inbound marketing. Buyers don’t want the call, the e-mail, or the push of making a sale, and they’d prefer a stress-free and natural experience. Inbound marketing puts the ball in the buyers’ court and builds trust that buyers know they don’t have to be pushed to try your product.  

Generates quality traffic

What inbound marketing does isn’t directly generate sales, but generates a relationship. These relationships often do lead to sales, but they do so in a meaningful and high-quality way. With the frequency of your content production, you’re more likely to be seen and read, helping to build this relationship with quality traffic that leads to real brand relationships.  

Inbound Marketing For Franchisees And Multi-Location Businesses  

Inbound marketing provides some distinct benefits for franchisees and multi-location businesses in particular. With inbound marketing, brands can develop meaningful relationships with the local audiences they wish to reach for particular locations, as well as national audiences at the same time. Using inbound marketing, owners of multi-location businesses can begin to build valuable trust with online audiences, something that isn’t always offered with outbound strategies. For more information about inbound marketing strategies for franchisees and multi-location brands, contact SeedLogix to craft your new inbound strategy today.