October 30th, 2017

Inbound Marketing Strategy

This Halloween, do more than give out candy, increase your business's local reach. Scary costumes and candy offer more than a way to keep the neighborhood kids happy. Embracing the holiday spirit can boost your popularity within any community. Take a look at the following list of creepy marketing tips and incorporate Halloween into your business model. 


1.Halloween Coupon 

On your main site, build a CTA giving away a Halloween themed coupon. Build its design with orange and black colors. Throw a jack-o-lantern on the image and feed into your visitor's desire to be scared this October.  

"With a deal this spooky, it's scary!" 

People love deals of all kinds, and this is a great opportunity to put an expiration date on the coupon. Encouraging people to hurry up and buy your product because it's Halloween only happens once a year. 


2.Halloween Sponsorships 

Is your town organizing Halloween activities? Are there haunted houses, food drives, or even a parade planned? Becoming a sponsor of a holiday-themed activity is a great way to increase your brand awareness.  Think about becoming a business that is associated with words like "fun and "trick or treat".  

Consumers have an automatic assumption about Halloween and the idea of the holiday releases endorphins in their brain. By associating alongside this feeling of happiness, your business can be a part of the festivities. 

Because you may have more than one location, it can be even easier to scale up your Halloween sponsorships. This is a great opportunity to make an impact in multiple territories at once with identical marketing. Instead of focusing on the differences in each territory, this is a holiday where you can focus on the similarities. Creating inroads with local power players and organizations is a great way to achieve long lasting relationships. And what better time of year than on all hallows eve? 


3.Candy and the Community 

Candy and trick or treaters are about as Halloween as ghosts and goblins. If you have multiple brick and mortar stores, it could be a good idea to partake in the festivities. For those locations that are close to neighborhoods or in city centers, being a part of the candy give away offers potential to meet future clients. Even if your target demographic is not children, most of the children will be with their parents. And while the little monsters are running around, your local agents and reps can make incredible inroads with potential customers.  

Think about trick or treating just as you would with CTA's on the website, free giveaways brings in customer data. Collect as much data as you can from the people coming into the stores. Not only can you give out candy but you can hand out your Halloween coupons. Encourage visitors to write down their email address, have a raffle! Take full advantage of the openness of the holiday and create a brand within every territory.  


4.Halloween Content 

Is your website promoting Halloween? Have you created blogs outlining your brand and how scarily fun your solutions are? During the fall, it is time to have your marketing team come up with ideas centered around the holiday. Think about making an entire month of content. You can help your readers find costumes for their children or list out the best local haunts for fall activities.  Think about ways your company can relate to your demographics.  

When writing Halloween content, the benefits of the holiday ensures scalable content across all your locations. As long as your business is in the United States, Halloween stories will be popular.  

Is your Social media freaky Friday appropriate?  

What about your Instagram account? Are you posting pumpkin themes? Maybe your office has a jack-o-lantern carving day, that would be Spooktacular content to share.   

Respond to your followers and their Halloween costumes. Have an online contest where you give away some sort of product to the best costume. 


Make Halloween fun for Everyone 

This fall, don't let the holidays get away from you. Use this year's annual Halloween to show your customers a haunting good time. With creepy giveaways, trick or treating for the community, and spooky content, wearing a costume isn't just for kids anymore.