January 2nd, 2018

Growth Hacking

Save the email, just use a sticky note! 

Sticky notes, the small yellow piece of paper everyone in the office uses to claim their food in the company fridge. While it's very useful in that situation, it is also beneficial to your company's productivity level.  Sometimes "out with the old and in with the new" doesn't work, and "if it works, don't fix it" is how Post-It notes should be viewed. Sticky notes have a place in the office, and we've compiled a list to show just how they are essential for any business.  



According to a study conducted by Randy Garner, an associate dean at Sam Houston State University, Post-It notes persuade action. In the study, Garner found that if you ask someone to do something by leaving a Post-It note over their work, they're more likely to comply with the request.  

Garner conducted a series of experiments to persuade people into filling out a survey. In the experiment, college professors were sent surveys to fill out and turn in. Some professors received surveys with post-it notes attached to the cover letter, others had a handwritten message on the cover letter, and the rest received a plain cover letter and survey.   

The results showed that 76 percent of those who received a sticky note completed the survey, while only 48 percent who got a hand-written message finished theirs, and 36 percent of those who only got the survey turned theirs in. The results clearly showed the persuasive power of sticky notes. Thus, the next time you need your employee to finish something by the end of the day, a bright sticky note should do the trick.  


Note Taking:

During office meetings, there is a lot being said, and many notes being taken. No matter how thorough your employee's notepad looks, it's easy for them to skim over important details said during your presentation. A good way for them to highlight key points is to have a stack of sticky notes on hand. The bright colors attract the eye, and when reading through their notes they'll know anything written on the sticky note is their priority information.  

The small size of the note also demands efficiency. Workers should aim for quality, not quantity when taking notes. In certain situations, they should opt to take notes of what needs to be done on a sticky note, rather than a notepad. If the information is valuable they can stick it to their desk as a reminder, or dispose of it when no longer needed. Unlike a sticky note, a notepad just holds numerous pages of information that stay there un-read or edited.  

To-Do List: 

By providing sticky notes you are ensuring that work gets done. Employees can use post-its, or any other brand, to lay out exactly what they need to get done that day. Using certain colors like red could indicate to them that certain things need to get done before others, while blue could signify a relaxed day. Either way, they can utilize the notes to stay organized and on track.  


Studies show that sticky notes are persuasive. This means leaving a sticky note reminder on your employee's computer is more beneficial than that reminder email they looked at a week ago, and haven't opened since. If your business isn't conducted in an office setting it's no problem. Just leave the sticky note wherever your workers normally complete their tasks for the day. It's placed where they spend the most time at and is a constant reminder of the upcoming meeting or any other urgent information. 


Everything has its time. In today's digital age it seems like every week there is a new form of technology. However, sometimes, there are exceptions to a products shelf-life. Post-it notes, or sticky notes, have been around since 1977. The note has even seen the decline and the vigorous comeback of Apple Inc. For a company that has kept the same concept for numerous years, it's tough to see it going anywhere soon.  



We live in a digital age, and even Post-It knows that. Everything is going digital, and sticky notes aren't about to be left behind. Virtual Post-It notes are available on various desktops such as 3M's "Post-it Brand Software Notes," "Stickies" on Mac OS, and "Sticky Notes" on Windows. No matter the brand, it's obvious that the sticky note concept is universal and utilized by all.  


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