March 9th, 2018

Growth Hacking

PPC advertising, or pay per click advertising, holds many compelling benefits. By not giving PPC advertising a shot in your marketing strategy, you may be losing out on valuable leads, traffic, and revenue. The results of PPC are simple to track, they work well with various marketing channels, and they provide a bevy of useful data regarding your marketing and what works.

The Benefits of PPC Advertising

PPC advertising has plenty of benefits, and just some of these benefits include:

Contributing to your marketing goals

Just about any conversion goal can be tracked, and PPC offers a great tool for aligning tracking to your overall business and marketing goals. It’s true that the time is ripe for content marketing and thought leadership, but PPC caters to that middle portion of the funnel through quick content like content downloads, newsletter signups, and contest or promotion entries. PPC campaigns can be set up to meet goals from high-level brand exposure to making simple e-commerce sales.

Measure and track

Who wants to put effort into a strategy that doesn’t work? When it comes to measuring and tracking your marketing, PPC can’t be beaten. PPC advertising through AdWords is incredibly simple to measure and track, so you always know what’s working and what’s not. Your stats are always readily available and accessible at any time.

Quick Entry and Results

If you’re just getting into creating a digital presence for your brand, you might be a decade or more behind your competitors. PPC gives you the ability to reach audiences who aren’t already aware of your brand and does so by casting a wide net across various audiences. Since most of the work is done right through the PPC platform, you can get your PPC up and running quickly to show you fast results.

You have control

With PPC advertising, the controls are in your hands. If you wish to start small, your budget is flexible, but also scalable if you wish to move up quickly. Scaling up with PPC advertising can be done immediately, and it can be slowed down just as quickly if your budget or marketing needs change. While your ads are running, you’re also able to make edits or optimizations in real time.

Work alongside other marketing channels

PPC Advertising works well alongside other marketing channels. PPC and SEO or content marketing can be used in conjunction with one another to really boost your marketing potential in several ways. When using PPC and SEO together, AdWords capabilities can provide insight and direction on a keyword by keyword basis in improving your SEO efficiency.

A treasure trove of data

What PPC advertising really excels at is creating a treasure trove of marketing data you can track and use in improving your marketing going forward. Click and conversion data for each keyword can be analyzed and tracked, impacting your SEO strategies and improving new strategies going forward.

Multi-Site Advertising Using PPC

Multi-site franchises or larger multi-site businesses are going to have some different needs in terms of PPC advertising when compared to smaller brands. For instance, PPC advertising should not just cater to the main brand, but the multiple location sites as well, along with the analytics that PPC provides. With the assistance of a digital marketing agency and CMS made for multi-site companies, mastering PPC for larger brands is neither overwhelming nor intimidating any longer.

To see what PPC advertising with a professional touch can do for your multi-site brand, contact SeedLogix today to get started with pay per click advertising and analytics.