April 25th, 2018

Growth Hacking

Instagram offers both a lot of clutter and a lot of opportunity for marketers. More than 500 million daily active users take to Instagram each and every day, making this a place to be for multi-location businesses and franchises looking to be seen. Where the real challenge lies is standing out from the crowd on Instagram, and having your posts noticed amongst the millions of others either brand-based or personal. A picture says a thousand words, and you want yours to tell your own story.  


Ways To Capture Attention On Instagram  

On Instagram, you want to craft your own strategy to capture viewers attention. A few strategies your brand can use to catch audiences on Instagram include: 

Make audiences a part of your story

Rather than taking up the spotlight to tell your story, invite fans and followers to join in on the fun. Using a particular hashtag encourages followers to post their own photos relevant to your message by tagging your brand, and use your brand's Instagram to share some of the tagged favorites. In terms of engagement on Instagram, it doesn’t get much better than this.  

Keep pace with the speed of social media

With video and Instagram’s Carousel multi-photo post feature, brands can blast followers with fast-paced interactive content that meets the speed of social media. How-to videos, new product photosets, and even fun edited videos of locations or a special new product release are real attention grabbers on Instagram.  

Take advantage of stories

Instagram was side-eyed a bit after releasing their stories feature in August of 2016, having some claim it was too reminiscent of features made available by another social media platform – Snapchat. What Instagram has added to the feature, however, is not only more data availability but the ability to turn your Instagram story into a call to action. By having users “swipe up” on an Instagram story, they can be taken to websites, landing pages, and product information housed away from Instagram itself.  

Turn photos into shopping experiences

Currently, Instagram is piloting shoppable photo tags, so while this may not be widely used at the moment, the platform does make it easy to turn photos into shopping experiences. Linking in photo descriptions allows those viewing the image to easily see the products or services being offered in greater detail away from the Instagram platform.  

Create moments

Instagram Live allows users to create moments, and within these moments a brand can offer exclusive content or offers, do Q and A sessions, or show off new products in moments that disappear within 24 hours. The exclusivity of Instagram Live allows brands to create these moments and manufacture a reason for fans to want to show up live and tune in to the content they have to offer.  


Instagram Marketing Hacks For Franchise Brands  

Using Instagram, franchisees will be able to use these simple hacks with a local flair in order to get their local markets tuning in and following along.  Mastering Instagram for marketing is a fast-paced and challenging venture, and while it can be done alone, the assistance of a professional CMS specializing in franchise brands can ensure brands stay on top of the current trends. Contact SeedLogix today to see if a multi-location business CMS is right for your brand in mastering Instagram and all of today’s social media trends.