May 2nd, 2018

Growth Hacking

It’s important to keep fingers on the pulse of the modern market, and this means frequently looking into and finding new ways to market your brand to your audience base. Text message marketing, or SMS marketing, is a new frontier for many marketers, but it makes a whole lot of sense when one considers just how much time the average person today spends on their mobile device.  

There are many ways to approach a successful SMS marketing campaign, five tried and true strategies are:  

Send out a survey

One of the most important things a marketing team can do is get to know their market. Sending out a survey using SMS messaging and potential incentives is a simple way marketers can get the information they need while remaining brand-relevant in their audience’s eyes.  

Try multimedia messaging

Multimedia messaging, or MMS, allows brands to include a bit more information or a bit more personality in their text messaging campaigns. For instance, sending a witty GIF can make a fun impression, while a video message can deliver a personal and informative message using the SMS platform.  

Check your frequency

SMS marketing campaigns, like email marketing campaigns and content marketing, should consider frequency as well as content. Ideally, brands will want to place themselves regularly in the forefront of the market’s mind, but without overdoing it and overstaying their welcome. What marketers want to do is focus on regular SMS marketing, but to focus on marketing when they have a valuable message to send.  

Focus on local markets for franchisees

For franchisees and multi-locational businesses, SMS messaging should be tailored to local markets and focused on touching on the local flair of regional markets.  

Seek the help of a CMS

Personalization, content creation, targeting, and frequency can all be overwhelming for multi-location businesses. Seeking the help of a modern CMS can help to cut this workload while using professional expertise in crafting the best campaign.  


CMS For A Successful SMS Marketing Campaign  

With the right CMS, multi-location brands can focus on not only their corporate brand with SMS marketing but their individual locations and markets as well. To learn more about using a CMS to master SMS marketing for multi-location businesses, contact SeedLogix.