September 13th, 2018

Email Marketing Strategy

Nowadays, we have social media marketing, search engine optimization, mobile marketing, and paid ads, so email marketing must be on its way out, right? Not right. Email marketing remains more alive than ever, proving itself to be one of the most durable and transition-friendly means of digital marketing out there. Email marketing seems to present a better opportunity for businesses to drive home a return while building meaningful connections with targeted desired audiences.

5 Reasons To Invest In An Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing has proved its efficacy and longevity, which also proves how wise an investment email marketing really is. 5 specific reasons to invest in an email marketing campaign are:

Target your audiences

Non-targeted marketing holds a whole host of problems, and email marketing not only allows you to target but target specifics. No longer are ads being placed on local placemats or vaguely in social media feeds with PPC, as you have complete control over who sees your marketing and who you reach with email strategies. By segmenting contacts into lead status, location, demographics, and data points, a multi-location business can use email marketing to really get personal.

Increasing your brand awareness

When your multi-location business sends an email, customers are further exposed to your brand, your offerings, and your voice. With smart content going into these emails, this helps to build brand value within the eyes of leads and potential consumers. By being in the forefront of their mind, they’re like to think of your business first when they have relevant needs.

Easy distribution

Email marketing is the single easiest form of marketing to share, allowing audiences to become brand advocates in seconds. Subscribers to your emails can share promotions and deals with the click of a forward button, thereby spreading interest and awareness in your brand.

Simple metrics

Analytics are necessary for measuring the success of any marketing effort, campaign, or strategy. Email marketing provides simple and accurate metrics to an extent many other forms of marketing aren’t capable of. With such accurate metrics at your fingertips, email-marketing interest can be used to formulate and rework other relevant marketing strategies.

Cost effective marketing

Email marketing comes with no PPC costs, no print costs, no postage, and no rental of space on a billboard or local placemat, but the return on investment remains high. Email marketing is one of the most affordable types of marketing, and being one of the most effective is a big ROI bonus.

Email Marketing For Multi-Location Businesses

For a multi-location business, email marketing is more complex and more important than for businesses with a single location focus. Not only do emails need to reach main broad audiences, but they need to be tailored to represent local voices as well. While a bit more complex, multi-location businesses cannot afford to ignore the power of email marketing either, so a solution must be sought. To learn more about effective multi-location email marketing, contact SeedLogix today.