January 5th, 2016

Email Marketing Strategy

Most marketers understand the importance of building an email list, but initial efforts can often be disappointing. Adding a signup form in the sidebar of your blog won't bring optimal results, while a lack of incentive will usually be met with disinterest. Getting to your first one thousands subscribers can start to feel daunting, increasing the urge to focus on a new marketing tactic. However, people generally need multiple viewings of your signup form, along with an offer that is hard to refuse, before they are willing to join your list. The following tactics allow you to steadily grow your list until it reaches an initial goal of 1,000 subscribers.

Create an Enticing Bonus

Convincing your most loyal fans to join a list will not be too hard. If the content you provide resonates with them, subscribing is a handy way of being reminded about new articles or videos. Most people will not be in this category, though, and will need to be convinced to give their email address. A quality bonus is a tried and tested way of increasing subscriber numbers, with the ultimate aim of turning them into fans. A bonus should be related to your content, provide exceptional value, and lead in to your offer in a consistent manner.

Design a Squeeze Page

A squeeze page is the most effective way of optimizing subscriber rates. A good squeeze page reduces the number of options available, with all the focus on joining the list. It could be for a video, pdf, or even an extended tutorial series, but the squeeze page must promote something desirable. If the visitor decides they don't want what is on offer, the only option is to leave the page. Many successful squeeze pages were extremely minimal, but most ad platforms now require more content to meet their guidelines.

Work on Your Blog

One of the best ways to increase subscriber numbers is to show proof of the content you consistently produce. A blog is the perfect place to leave this positive impression, with content being the primary driving force. Ideally, your blog will be insightful and active, but there will be additional benefits for people who sign up to the list. You don't even need to create completely new content to convince readers to subscribe, with the article in pdf format, a resource list, or an article supplement often being enough.

Use Facebook Ads

Free traffic is great, but it takes time to build a following. Paid advertising allows you to gain instant traffic, conversion data, and valuable analytics. Facebook is one of the primary advertising platforms at the moment, with lots of demographic data and a large user base. Setting up Facebook ads is simple, so you can start a low-cost campaign to see what works. The user base is also large enough to scale to a new level when you find a winning campaign.

Engage with Social Media

Social media, similar to blogging, offers a chance to provide value before asking a person to subscribe. However, social media focuses on relationship building, with less chance to develop detailed content. Interacting with followers on Twitter or in a Facebook group is a great to build up trust. With trust built in advance, less work is required from your initial emails, increasing the chances of making sales.

Sticking to this plan should ensure you reach your first one thousand subscribers. A list of this size can produce an adequate income, but it has the better result of showing you the possibilities of list building. Many entrepreneurs have expressed that ignoring list building was an early mistake, with their business growing hugely when they changed focus. Set an early goal of one thousand subscribers, then you can fully understand the power of a targeted subscriber base.