April 9th, 2018

Email Marketing Strategy

Email marketing remains one of the single most effective ways to market a business, and contrary to popular belief, email marketing is far from a dying marketing art form. From large franchises to small businesses, just about all universally agree that using email to reach customers is worth their while. However, because this method is so agreed upon, it has become one of the most competitive sections of marketing.  

Inboxes are crowded, and they’ve been crowded for a long time. Because they’re cramped more marketing emails are being ignored unless they’re just too good to pass up. Brands want to be that “too good not to open” email, and to do so and leave that mark, marketers need to get creative.  


Ideas To Freshen Up Audience Inboxes  

Getting creative is difficult without the right inspiration, and 6 unique ides to keep your email marketing at its freshest are:  

Subscribe to at least 1 good mailer daily

In order for email marketing to work, it needs to be a consistent and regular effort. Making this a regular effort, and digging up new and creative ideas all of the time, is not an easy task. By subscribing to great daily brand mailers you can glean inspiration for those times when you’re facing writers’ or idea block.  

Use your own inbox

Every day, scan your personal email inboxes and naturally open what catches your eye. When you open these particular emails, get a little introspective and try to figure out just what caught you and what made you take that next step. By breaking down your own habits, you’ll be able to break down consumer habits and recreate these catching points to ensure they have the same effects on your audiences.  

Study your competitors

Keeping a close watch on competitor marketing campaigns is a no-brainer, but many marketers overlook the email marketing aspect. Subscribing to and checking competitor email marketing campaigns may allow you to study what they’re doing and pick up those little things they may have overlooked that you can use to your advantage.  

Take to Pinterest

Pinterest isn’t just for interior design, recipe, and DIY inspiration, there’s plenty for marketers on the platform as well. Email campaigns are all over Pinterest, and they’re being pinned by competitors, members of your own audience, influencers, brands, and various industries. Something important to note about Pinterest email campaigns is that each email grabbed enough attention to get it pinned, making them ideal for drawing a little inspiration.  

Read 1 Email Marketing Article Every Day

Taking to search engines and finding great up-to-date email marketing articles helps brands to stay on the up and up with latest trends, and may even provide clues to up and coming strategies. Reading 1 email marketing article per day can provide inspiration, ensure you’re keeping on track, and provide ideas for future email marketing campaign plans.  

Get Creating

You may not be perfect right away, but you’ll get nowhere by not trying. Implement the things you’ve learned in creating marketing emails, and go from there to further develop your own stand-out strategy.  

Multi-Location Email Marketing  

Multi-location brands can also reap the rewards of high-quality email marketing. Whether targeting a broad audience through corporate marketing emails  or touching base with particular markets using targeted location-based emails, marketing emails are just as effective for franchise brand and multi-location businesses as they are for any other type of brand. If you’re seeking a CMS to help your multi-location brand to more stand-out email marketing campaigns, contact  SeedLogix today.