April 11th, 2018

Email Marketing Strategy

When brands think of SEO and email marketing, typically they don’t see the connection. This is understandable because the correlation isn’t exactly obvious, but email marketing can have a big impact on a brand’s search ranking. Organic searches and emails are the two main channels that drive traffic to websites. A whopping 51% of people discover websites via email.While the connection between SEO isn’t exactly direct, a brand can leverage email marketing to encourage recipients in helping to improve rankings in other ways.  

There are several ways to use email marketing to boost search engine rankings, and 5 of these are:

Building social signals

While not exactly publicly admitted by Google, it’s known that the social activity of a link has an impact on website Google rankings. According to a study, the top 4 spaces on Google are typically those with the most Facebook and Google+ activity surrounding them. Using social signals to build and boost search engine rankings is a secret that many marketers aren’t fully aware of.  

Including social sharing buttons or encouraging recipients to share new blog posts or products are two simple ways email marketing can connect with social sharing, and therefore, raising your search engine rankings.  

Reduction of bounce rates

When a visitor goes to a website, finds that the content of that website is not relevant to their needs, and quickly leaves, the visit is considered a bounce. Websites and blogs that generate high bounce rates will slip in Google search engine rankings, as they’re considered not to have the relevant information searchers require most. The best way to avoid a high bounce rate is to provide high quality, trustworthy, and relevant information your audiences will want to absorb rather than quickly leave be.  

Having an email list of individuals who have already shown interest in your brand and its content means having an audience that is unlikely to bounce from a website visit. Sending a reminder to these recipients to visit your website regarding a new blog or product will generate a high-quality product with an audience that is already interested in what you provide.  

Creating a newsletter archive

Emails get buried, they get deleted, and valuable information gets lost. Creating an online archive of your email newsletters not only allows current and future subscribers to refer to past information and the development of your brand, it adds relevant content to your website to drive high-quality traffic. By converting newsletters to PDF files and hosting them, they also have a better chance of being indexed by Google.  

Asking for reviews

For multi-location and franchise businesses, local attention is particularly important. When searching for a product or service, local audiences take great consideration of reviews before choosing a particular brand, and an email newsletter is a perfect way to ask audiences for those personal experiences. Linking to your Google My Business within an email and asking recipients to share positive experiences can work wonders on local SEO.  

Use email to create better content

Email marketing can provide great in-depth information about your target audience, which can then be used to create better and more relevant website content. Email lists can be segmented to reach all types of demographics, and surveys and polls can make questions or concerns crystal clear. Using this information, craft content to give the people what they really want.  


Email Marketing And SEO For Franchises

Email marketing can be just the solution you’re looking for in reaching those local audiences better and crafting better content tailored to their specific needs. To learn more about email marketing and SEO for multi-location businesses, SeedLogix today.