April 20th, 2018

Email Marketing Strategy

The modern market has placed retail into a phase of complete transformation. Beginning in the late 2000’s, the public began to see former retail mainstays closing or taking their business entirely online, foregoing brick and mortar stores altogether. A large part of this transformation is believed due to what is called the “Amazon effect”, or the idea that the public can get exactly what they want with minimal effort by taking their business online, rather than searching store to store.  

For a clearer look at the market, one should seek out the data. According to the Department of Commerce, only a little under 9 percent of retail sales are done online, and in-store sales are still slated to grow another 2.4 percent over the coming years. While it may seem like customers don’t go into the store anymore, that isn’t actually the case.  

Consumers are spending both in-store and online, but the way they are spending is really where the big change lies. Digital strategies built around customer experiences are driving today’s market, and it’s up to digital marketers if they wish to get on board. An efficient solution to creating that customer experience can be found in an unlikely place – email marketing. Three ways to elevate customer experiences using email marketing are:  


Create strong loyalty programs based on customer experiences 

Email is a big part of loyalty programs, and too few brands really know how to take advantage of it. All too often loyalty programs are complicated or unclear, and according to a Colloquy study, this is the number 1 reasons why some consumers drop loyalty programs from brands altogether. Within marketing emails, outline loyalty member benefits with infographics, making their usable benefits or distance to additional benefits easy to understand.  

Incorporating live user-generated content into loyalty member emails is another way to create an engaging customer experience. The display of a live social feed in the body of the email can showcase real user experiences loyalty members can use for shopping inspiration.  


Use personalization 

The use of personalization is greatly underrated in email marketing. Personalized emails are particularly effective in grabbing the attention of your audiences, and only 40 percent of consumers report seeing personalization in the marketing emails they receive. While using a name is a simple way to personalize, it’s not the only way.  

In order to grab attention with personalized marketing emails, one can try using geotagging or weather personalization to grab attention with different markets. For franchises looking to target certain local markets, this brand of email marketing personalization is a must. Providing a local map and local flair is a sure way to encourage customers to travel to brick and mortar stores.  

Another way to personalize in a stand-out way is by using cart and browsing activity. These emails based on individual website experiences create a particularly tailored personal impression.  


Enhance campaign productivity 

Using existing content, a brand can craft an effective and innovative marketing email. Using time-targeting and including your best blogging content, social media shares, or website content uses less time while still relaying relevant information in email marketing campaigns.  


Innovative Email Marketing For Multi-Location Businesses  

Innovative email marketing can work to get the desired attention you’re looking for to all brick and mortar business or franchisee locations. Using a franchise or multi-location specific CMS, crafting these innovative emails is simple and convenient, while still allowing for all of the rewards. Learn more about what a CMS can do for your innovative email marketing campaign by contacting SeedLogix today.