May 8th, 2018

Email Marketing Strategy

In inbound marketing, one of the methods used for creating possible leads is email marketing. This type of marketing strategy is plainly sending emails to customers to convince them to buy your products, further enhance customer relationships, and provide an advertisement to inform them of your products, promos and other offered services. It is one of the most used and abused methods of marketing strategy employed by businesses through the use of the internet.

Email marketing aims to directly influence people to purchase your products through the use of email messages sent to them. But sending tons of emails to millions of people will count to nothing if all of them are regarded as spam and goes straight to the trash bin. One must make sure that their email gets opened and read, and the rate at which emails are read is called email open rates. There are techniques available to ensure that your email will be read by people and thus make them possible customers for your products.

These are some of the simple ways to boost your email open rates

1. Always add an engaging subject title

This is what the customer sees first, and it is already the deciding factor whether your email will be read or discarded. The subject title is the headlines of your email, and you need to create a good title to attract people to have a look. People often decide whether an email is important or not by just looking at the subject line, that is why one must cleverly make a good subject line to have your email get attention.

Another way of attracting customer's attention is to use subtle techniques that can really spark interest; an example is to use provocative statements, interesting questions, and logical solutions. Do not use worn off phrases like "amazing wonder drug of the century" or "an offer you can't refuse", this is all marketing clichés that will really add the chances for your email to end up in the trash can.

2. Create content that is worthwhile reading

Nobody likes junk mail, and one way of avoiding this is by creating emails with good quality reading content that will stimulate the customer to know more about your product. Having good quality content on emails send will not only help produce potential customers but will also endear them to you by providing them good content, through this you can rest assured that your emails will be stored in their inboxes rather than deleting it or worse be labeled as spam.

3. Knowing when to send emails

Just sending emails constantly is not always the best method to gain customers, though it is the best method to ensure your mail is added to their spam list. Frequent emails may annoy people especially if it's cluttering their inboxes every time. It is best to send emails regularly on a weekly interval, as it would ensure customers to look into it once in a while. Remember that your emails are received by real people who can get annoyed, so don't just send emails, think before you send.

Multi-Location Email Marketing

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