April 9th, 2021

Digital Marketing

So, you’ve just finished building a website to market your brand. Now, how do you get people to find your website and actually spend time on it? Over the past two decades, marketing professionals have spent so much time devising methods and tactics to achieve this very goal.


While they didn’t find a magic formula that could turn a website into a guaranteed online sensation, they’ve tested and proven a few basic strategies that are now considered best practices. For readers who are looking to promote their online brand but don’t know how to start, this article will give you a rough guide to building your own digital marketing strategy.


Create A Persona For Your Target Audience


Go through the exercise of asking who your target audience are. You can start by collecting information on things like age, gender, occupation, and location. Then, you can delve a little deeper by asking questions like:


  1. What are they interested in?
  2. What’s their motivation and how do they want to be perceived?
  3. How would they find information about their interests online?
  4. What apps or social media platforms might they use?


From here, you can slowly start building a persona for your target audience that you can keep in mind whenever you create a marketing campaign.


Determine Your Goals


Take the time to set measurable goals for your marketing activities. Ideally, you’d be able to express each goal in a concise statement that expresses your desired outcome, how you’ll achieve it, and by when.


It would be helpful if you can be precise with how you state your goals. Consider the difference between the following goal statements:


Goal Statement A: “Increase the number of site visitors before the end of this year by promoting the website on social media.”


Goal Statement B: “By the start of Q4 2021, grow the number of website visitors by 25% by promoting website content through biweekly posts on Facebook and Instagram.”


Although the two statements express the same goal, statement B is much more concrete and clear on how the goal will be achieved.


Create Engaging Blog Content


In order for people to find and talk about your website, you need to provide them with the content they’d search and share with peers. Still one of the best ways to create content for your brand is to build a blog.


Then, create high-quality and informative blog posts that your target persona would find useful and interesting. Post updates regularly to let your audience know that the website and your brand have an active online presence. You will also use your blog content as the anchor for a portion of your social media posts.


Use Marketing Automation


In digital marketing, your brand always needs to be current and responsive to any interactions with your audience or customers. Often, this involves repetitive work, which can and should be automated.


Automation minimizes the human resources you need to keep up with digital marketing tasks. It also helps you maintain a regular online presence and engagement with customers through scheduled posts, email marketing, and social media updates.


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