March 26th, 2021

Digital Marketing

Podcasting may not be on the top of your list when it comes to strengthening your digital marketing efforts. However, you would be surprised at how podcasts are actually one of the best and most influential platforms you can use to give your business the publicity that it needs. For those of you who have not tried or are new to podcasting, we understand where your hesitations may be coming from so here is a quick introduction to podcasts and why they are effective tools for digital marketing.

What Are Podcasts?

In a nutshell, podcasts are episodic digital audio files that people listen to. Having a series of interconnected podcast episodes give the audience something to look forward to, prompting them to subscribe and continue listening to the podcast diligently. But aside from the interesting narratives and discussions podcasts have, the real appeal is that this platform fits perfectly well with people’s fast-paced lifestyle. Given its nature as an audio file that you can listen to any time, podcasts grant accessibility and convenience to their audience.

The Popularity of Podcasts

Podcasts have been steadily gaining popularity over the years. In the U.S. alone, there are over 60 million people who are listening to podcasts and the numbers just keep on rising! Because of its rise in popularity, the number of podcasts in the whole world is also growing. In fact, podcast shows worldwide have reached over 1 million as of 2021. These further prove that podcasts have become one of the major platforms that people use regularly.

The Advantages of Podcasting

The attention that podcasting has gained over the years is one of the reasons why it makes the platform an ideal tool to promote your brand. Here are the different ways you can use podcasts to your advantage:

  1. Great for SEO – Podcasts may be using digital audio files as their main content but that does not mean it is limited only to listening. Podcast scripts or transcriptions, which are rich with SEO keywords, can be posted on blogs and websites. Having these posted on your brand’s blog pages will help boost the site’s visibility on the top searches.


  1. Online Multimedia – You can use your social media to promote your podcast by posting it there for your followers to see. At the same time, you can also utilize other online multimedia sites such as YouTube and Spotify. These web applications, which are also widely used by people, even have special features that are dedicated to podcasts given their popularity.


  1. Famous Personalities – There are already a lot of existing popular podcast shows for years and that means there are also podcast hosts who have also risen to fame. If you are not yet confident about starting your own podcast series, having a famous podcast personality feature your brand is another smart option. Popular hosts already have an established pool of audience and by having your brand mentioned or featured by a known host, you have the chance to reach out and be known by their followers.

There are different digital marketing strategies that you can try and podcasting is just one of them. If you want to know what your options are, get in touch with us at SeedLogix.