May 7th, 2021

Digital Marketing

There's no question that for modern businesses, digital marketing is now an essential means of promotion. Traditional advertising tries to hit the broadest audience possible, hoping random chance will connect your product or service with the interested people looking for it. Digital marketing, however, can be targeted to the people that actually want or need what you have to offer.

Ultimately, digital marketing is designed to lead people to your website, which is crucial to your company identity. However, there are many ways to go about this. Two of the most popular methods are blogging and using social media. While both are important, businesses may find one or the other gets the lion's share of effort and attention. So which one is right for you?

Social Media

Social media is now everywhere, coming in many different forms. From Facebook to Twitter, to Instagram, to political-specific platforms like Parler, different demographics flock to other social media platforms for their own reason.

As the name implies, social media digital platforms are there primarily for people to connect and socialize. However, for businesses, they are an excellent tool for "short-form" marketing. Platforms like Twitter, for example, have a hard limit of only 280 characters. Others, such as Facebook, do better with engagement and visibility if things are kept short. Instagram, on the other hand, is primarily for photos, while TikTok is for short videos.

Social media is a good way to drop current, time-limited news. It's also suitable for engaging with potential clients and customers if you enjoy the PR aspect of interaction.


On the other side of the equation, blogging is about long-form content. This is the equivalent of the in-depth business pamphlet, news article, or even essay, depending on the length. Blogging can be as short as a few hundred words or as long as a few pages, but the general idea is that this is content with more depth and detail.

Blogging is excellent for displaying—and archiving—substantial content. If you need to explain the intricacies of an insurance policy or outline the steps involved in renovating a kitchen, blogging is the perfect venue. Blog content also resides on your website, which means that it adds to your website's search engine optimization—or SEO—friendliness.
Making The Choice

Ideally, a business should be using both blogging and social media for digital marketing, but what if you can't? What if you only have the energy or staff to pick one at any given time? If you have to choose, the best approach depends on the kind of business you have.
If you have a retail business that relies on selling products, social media may be a better fit. Photos of products, announcements of sales, and interacting with the local community are all done better on social media. However, if your business has to explain a lot, people generally go looking for the product or service on search engines, such as Google, blogging is the better approach.

If you'd like to know more about improving your digital marketing and staying competitive online, we can help. Contact Seedlogix and let us assist you with your digital marketing needs.