February 5th, 2021

Digital Marketing

Social media marketing remains one of the most powerful tools in digital marketing today. We’ve been closely connected with social media for a decade now, but what happened during the Covid-19 pandemic resulted in society becoming attached quite unlike ever before. Beginning in March of 2020, statisticians found that social media use increased by around 21%, as we collectively took to our favorite platforms to maintain some sort of safe social connection. This increased use and reliance on social media presented an opportunity for digital marketers looking to reach new audiences on a global or local scale.


The Covid-19 pandemic is sticking around, and even as vaccines roll out slowly we can expect social distancing to be part of our reality for some time to come. This places digital marketers and brands in a unique position going into 2021 as they learn how to reach and how to engage these huge audiences spending more time with their favorite social platforms.


Breaking Down The Trends To Follow


There are a few trends coming out that are expected to be a big deal in 2021, and learning these trends ensures that your brand can make the most of this social media uptick. Some of these trends to follow are:


  • Quality over quantity – A few years ago making sure to post regularly and post daily might have been a priority, but priorities are changing for 2021. With new social media algorithms posting too frequently could actually make your content less visible as it’s more likely to be flagged as spam or filed away as “unimportant”. Instead of posting frequently, brands are putting more effort into fewer posts in a sort of quality over quantity effort. Engaging, thoughtful, and aware postings a couple of times per day are more impactful now than posting frequently simply for “visibility”.


  • Focus on content overproduction – It’s tough these days to make highly produced and polished content, but that’s not really what the people are looking for anyway. In these months of Zoom, stay at home, and live streams audiences aren’t really looking for highly polished digital campaigns. Instead of focusing heavily on polish, brands are focusing on the meat of their content while keeping the production of that content simple.


  • Mastering the human voice – Every brand has its own personality, but how well does your brand engage with its human voice? Conversational tones going into 2021 are empathetic, human, and helpful, making every customer or potential customer they engage with feel like the only person in the room. Brands that fail to master their human voice may find themselves leaving a bad taste in the mouths of their audiences.



Bringing Your Social Into The New Year


Each year has its own digital marketing trends, but the ongoing pandemic has made things a bit different this year. If you’re looking to make the most out of what social media has to offer in 2021, contact us at SeedLogix to learn more today.