August 28th, 2020

Digital Marketing

In the year 2020, Instagram boasts over 500 million daily active users each and every day. These active users are located all over the world, including in your own towns and neighborhoods. Instagram is one of the single most popular social media platforms out there, and it’s a resource that no business should pass up when it comes to their digital marketing.

 Instagram is a social media platform that focuses heavily on telling stores via photos. Recently, IGTV and Instagram stories have expanded into video, but the visual medium remains the top source of content throughout Instagram as a whole. For businesses of all industries, Instagram allows you to tell stories using photos and videos with simple captions and makes these searchable using user-friendly hashtags. Businesses who are skipping out on Instagram in 2020 might be allowing themselves to fall behind the curve in terms of digital marketing potential.


Breaking Down The Instagram Marketing Trends


With each passing year, social media trends come and go. One may recall the Ice Bucket Challenge, another may recall when Twitter was the huge must-have platform, and one only has to spend a few weeks on social media platforms of any kind to see the latest joke, photo, and “challenge” trend of today. Social media marketing goes through similar trends, and the trends to pay attention to on Instagram today are:


  • Instagram shopping – In years before, Instagram was solely for viewing content. Businesses would put their wares in photos, and link to their websites to purchase the products or similar products in their captions. In recent years, however, Instagram has become a verified shopping platform, allowing users to see what they love and purchase it right from the Instagram post it came from. Direct buy links work much like tagging photos, and it’s grown a whole host of sellers who sell through Instagram exclusively.


  • Instagram stories are the next big thing – Even bigger than the Instagram post is the Instagram story. Stories can be photos or videos, and they’re directly linked to your main Instagram profile. These give businesses a unique opportunity to sell or show a highlighted offering, as well as advertise promotions or events in a very visible spot.


  • Interactive Instagram – Asking questions or running polls in your Instagram stories allows you to be a bit more engaging and interactive with your digital marketing on the platform. You can encourage engagement between yourself and your followers in a way that simple, fun, and effective.


Following The Latest Digital Marketing Trends


Following the latest digital marketing trends allows you to stay on top and ahead of the curve when it comes to your competition. Each year comes with new trends and following these ensures you remain in touch with your chosen audiences. If you’re interested in learning more about the latest digital marketing trends on Instagram or other social media platforms, contact us at SeedLogix to see what we can do for you and your brand today.