March 12th, 2021

Digital Marketing

There was a time when marketing through digital channels was only an option. But through the years, digital media has become an integral part of businesses to reach out to consumers.


Why It Is Necessary

Nowadays, having a company website is not enough. Business entities need to have a solid digital marketing strategy to stand out in the market. 


Generally, it pertains to a plan of action to reach certain marketing objectives. It also includes the process a company takes to turn leads into revenue. Here are some reasons that make it an essential part of a business:


  1. Reach target customers through the right channel at the most relevant time
  2. Widen a campaign’s reach
  3. Create brand awareness and consumer loyalty
  4. Cultivate a competitive advantage


Fundamental Factors to Consider

To ensure that a digital marketing strategy achieves positive results, a company must understand certain components.


1.Objectives: The Things You Want To Achieve


2. Audience: The Target Consumers

  • To figure out the pain points that the company has to address, you need to understand who your target audience is. In digital marketing, that means creating buyer personas. These refer to fictional representations of a company’s ideal customers. Check out our article Understanding Inbound Marketing: Targeting Buyers to learn more.


3.Message: What You Want to Convey

  • Businesses need to create an authentic brand voice through appropriate content. Make sure it reflects the company’s core values. At the same time, you have to ensure your content’s relatability so that it resonates with your target consumers.


4.Competition: Who You Are Up Against

  • Entering an established niche can be challenging. Standing out among strong players is also difficult. Your marketing strategy should be based on research. Competitor analysis is necessary.


5.Channel: The Media

The next question you need to think about is how you will reach out to your target audience. Fortunately, there are different channels you can use. When it comes to digital marketing, you can choose from three major avenues that involve different methods – web, mobile, and social.


Here are some examples:


  1. Web
    1. SEO
    2. Content Marketing
  • PPC Advertising


  1. Mobile
    1. Mobile App
    2. Mobile SEO
  • Mobile Pages
  1. Voice Search Optimization
  2. Mobile-friendly Website


  1. Social
    1. Social Media Marketing
    2. Influencer Marketing


What To Choose

After considering the fundamental factors, you need to decide how to go about your digital marketing strategy. Always base your decisions on research.


It would also help to work with a professional and reliable third-party organization. This way, you can expect a team of experts to handle your company’s marketing needs. Additionally, you can have a strategy that covers all important aspects of the sales cycle. If you want to learn more about digital marketing or need help, contact us at SeedLogix.