April 23rd, 2021

Digital Marketing

There are 3.6 billion active social media users globally and this number is only growing. Of those users, 54% use social media to research products and services. That is a huge market that can be accessed with a strong social media strategy. Growing your social media brand presence takes time and requires a dedicated strategy. However, it is worth it for the returns. If you’re looking to capitalize on these markets and grow your business, here are some ways you can expand your brand outreach on social media.

1. Engagement Gets Engagement

The most important thing to do when expanding your social media presence is to engage. You want to not just publish great content, you want to engage with the content of your followers. Start by liking and respond to the comments they leave on your content. Then like and comment on their content as well as the content of people who don’t follow you. The more actively you engage, the more people will engage back. This will help you grow your brand. 

2. Define Your Brand Voice And Stay Consistent

You want your brand to have a unique voice that followers can recognize. Some brands are known for being funny on social media, others are known for posting inspirational content. Whatever route you go, make sure it aligns with your overall brand image, as well as your products, services, and industry. Once you’ve defined your brand voice, stay consistent. Having a strong, consistent brand voice will help your followers develop a personal relationship with your brand.

3. Leverage Trends

Leveraging trends can help you be a part of the conversation the public is having and boost your engagement. Start by identifying what is trending. It can be anything from a meme to fun dance to a serious social issue. Make sure that the trend matches your brand identity, then get creative with it. However, if you are going to capitalize on trends, keep in mind you need to move very quickly. Trends come and go in just a few short days on social media. 

4. Invest In Your Visual Assets

Social media is a highly visual platform. So if you are going to share photographs, graphics, and videos, make sure to invest in the quality. Take photographs with a high resolution camera. Work with a professional graphic designer. Make sure that you use a microphone when recording video. All of these small investments will pay off in engagement.

5. Incorporate Social Media Into Your SEO Strategy

Your SEO strategy can be bolstered by your social media presence. Make sure to include links to your website, products, and services. Use consistent brand assets like your logo across all platforms. Make sure to also use keywords in your posts and company biography. This will help grow your brand on social media but also help your website grow.

These tips will help you get started growing your brand presence on social media. The digital marketing team at SeedLogix can help. Our social media experts can help you grow your social media presence and increase your conversion rates. To learn more about how give us a call.