September 4th, 2020

Digital Marketing

In 2020, TikTok became the next hot thing in social media. While last year was all about Instagram, and then there are of course the powerhouses of Twitter and Facebook, it seems like you cannot escape TikTok no matter where you go this year. If you are looking to reach hip, trendy, and younger demographics in the Millennial and Gen Z crowd, skipping out on TikTok in your digital marketing efforts is a big mistake. Officially becoming the world’s most valuable startup this year, TikTok has over 500 million active users and counting across the globe.


TikTok can be framed as almost a combination of YouTube and Instagram. With video-only content, users upload short video clips, hashtags, and captions that can then be scrolled through much like on Instagram. Like YouTube, it is a platform for video creators, but it is more user-friendly and allows for easy searching of content. Instagram and YouTube are two major tools for digital marketers these days, which makes it no surprise that TikTok fits so comfortably right into the digital marketing space.


Tips For Using TikTok For Your Social Digital Marketing


Not taking advantage of TikTok if you are looking to attract Millennial and Gen Z audiences is something no brand should consciously consider. If you are unsure how to use TikTok for your digital marketing, here are a few ideas to try:


  • Work With Influencers – Just like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, TikTok has its very own band of influencers. Using those influencers to plug your brand or your product can put you directly in front of your desired audiences. If you can get an influencer on board, your product or message can reach millions at a time.


  • Showcase Your Brand In Everyday Life – With advertising inundating the online space, audiences are growing numb to or suspicious of the ads they see. Using your service or product in everyday situations via TikTok can not only show the quality of your product but give your brand some much-needed authenticity as well.


  • Go Behind The Scenes – Going behind the scenes gives your audiences a way to feel more connected with you in an intimate sense. You are letting them in and giving them a behind-the-scenes experience that feels exclusive and personal. Show them how your products are made, what goes into your services, or what everyday life looks like in your office.


  • Try It On – Boutique stores or those that sell apparel have a unique benefit when it comes to TikTok. Short videos show how your clothing fits, how it moves, and styling ideas that truly connect with your desired audiences. When they see the models enjoying your clothes or accessories, they will want to feel the same way as well.


Mastering A New World Of Digital Marketing


The digital marketing world is a fast-paced one, with trends ever changing in a landscape that is never the same from year to year. If you are interested in learning more about TikTok for your digital marketing campaign, contact us at SeedLogix today.