February 12th, 2021

Digital Marketing

It’s clear that with the importance of computers and the Internet, digital marketing is now proving to be an effective means of promotion. But there are many different ways to approach this 21st-century promotional tactic. Instead of traditional printed direct mail, for example, you can now send out emails. Social media is another avenue, but perhaps one of the most important is blogging.


Blogging used to be regarded as just an online journal, but for businesses, it can be a valuable, cost-effective digital marketing tool, and here are four reasons why.


It Raises Your Search Rank


Search engines like Google make it possible to find your business among the many others in your area and around the world. However, your search rank determines the likelihood that when people search for your product or service, you come upon the coveted “first-page” of search results.

Rank is determined by a series of different metrics, including “usefulness” and “recent activity.” A website that has had no changes to its content in years is considered less useful and relevant than one that regularly updates content.


It Shows Your Expertise


Another meaningful way that blogging is excellent digital marketing is that it gives your own platform to show off your qualifications without answering anyone else. Your blog is how you can show your knowledge and value of the product or service you offer by discussing it.

People will rarely know everything there is to know about the product or service your business focuses on. Your blog is a way to educate them, and at the same time, show you know what you’re doing.


It Can Help You Advertise


If you want to discuss in-depth, specific products or services, the blog is the way to do that. Social media is often restricted by word counts or having to focus on imagery. Your blog, however, is where you can present the information in as much detail as you want, highlighting the essential points without worrying about competing with other media.

In this way, a blog can also be a valuable channel as a “brochure” that can provide in-depth explanations without requiring you to individually email or chat with every person with the same questions or concerns.


It Brings People To Your Website


Finally, your website is a crucial part of modern business. As a final destination, a website and other digital tools are essential for your company identity. They can act as a digital storefront, and a regularly updated blog is something that drives people to your website.


In other words, the usefulness of a blog not only helps with search engine optimization (SEO) but can be a great tool to virtually attract customers into your digital store. Once they are there, you have a much better chance of engaging them to consider your product or service.


If you’d like to know more about improving your digital marketing and staying competitive online, we can help. Contact Seedlogix and let us assist you with your digital needs.