March 13th, 2020

Digital Marketing Tips

It is 2020, and consumers have trended more and more towards the online landscape by the day. As a particular example, e-commerce has boomed in recent years, with a continually growing market of online shoppers. Estimations have pegged that there were roughly 1.8 billion customers purchasing goods and services online in 2018, with projections further estimating 4.8 trillion US dollars in total e-commerce revenue by 2021. We’ll save you all the technobabble here, simply put: digital marketing is becoming more and more important by the day, and here are a few reasons why a digital marketing strategy is beneficial for you and your business.


Reach A Rapidly Growing User Base

Somewhat related to what we mentioned with the massive base of users who have turned to e-commerce platforms for their shopping needs, the general user base online has rapidly increased since the start of the new millenium. In 2000, there were roughly nine billion searches on the Google search engine, which seems like a high number, until you consider that there were a staggering approximate of about 1.216 trillion searches during the year of 2012. The online user base is only continuing to grow by the day, and that’s not even taking into account the similarly rapid growth of the prevalence of social media. Either adapt and grow, or get left behind by your competitors.


It’s Very Cost Efficient

Suppose you’re a local company looking to boost your top-of-mind awareness among consumers in your market. If you were to target an above-the-fold traditional marketing strategy, you’d have to go for ad placements on newspapers, ad time blocks on radio and television, maybe a billboard or two in the middle of the city, or some ads on the side of the bus. All of that is gonna set you back a pretty penny, and while these can be effective, it’s much harder to tangibly measure the impact these ads in particular create. Not only is a digital marketing strategy much more easily tested for its effectiveness thanks to a countless number of metrics that you can use to measure growth in both SEO and PPC, but it is also a very cost-effective way of getting eyeballs on your brand and delivering traffic to your website.


It Gives You More Control In Your Targeting Options

Traditional marketing options can only give you so many options for “targeting”. You might be using hour-by-hour statistics on the number of viewers a specific TV time slot garners, and which demographics are tuning in at these times, so you’re more likely to buy yourself TV time for your ad that has a viewer base that most closely resembles your preferred market. A digital marketing strategy allows for even more control over these market segments.


Your website may be better optimized for SEO purposes by pushing blog entries with key terms related to your services, and PPC campaigns can be customized to restrict showing your ads to a specific location, as well as to specific demographic segments, like age, gender and household income, as well as the choice to adjust bids on an hour-to-hour basis.


Don’t get left behind, consider implementing a digital marketing strategy for your company today. Not sure where to start, or need advice from an expert? SeedLogix has you covered. Providing clients with a streamlined platform for digital marketing that even agencies will salivate at, SeedLogix makes life easier for you.