March 27th, 2020

Digital Marketing Tips

Digital marketing is definitely a strategy that both small and large businesses can benefit from. However, there are a few industries that are getting the most out of digital marketing, and we will be going over those industries today.

The Importance of Digital Marketing

Having a strong presence online makes it easier for you to interact with both existing and potential customers. This kind of approach also typically costs far less to put together than other more traditional marketing avenues like print ads, flyers, and billboard marketing.

With digital marketing, you will also find a significantly higher ROI (return on investment) than you would find with any other form of traditional marketing. To prove this, you just need to take a look at the social media influencer, and email marketing stats available online and you will see just how effective digital marketing can prove to be.

Food Industry

One industry that is gaining the most opportunities with digital marketing is the food industry. Many people go online for inspiration when they are trying to put together and host a party. They search for recipes and already have a love for specific brands they have used that are tried and true.

So, to keep their audience happy, many companies in the food industry are putting out how-to video content. Instead of being told how to do something, people are responding more favorably to being shown how to do something.

Health and Fitness Industry

The health and fitness industry is also booming. Holistic health has also been gaining more of an awareness which is effectively boosting this industry's revenue. The fitness and nutrition industry generates approximately $80 billion a year. The people in this industry are known for creating highly actionable content that is available in different forms.

From workout videos on Instagram to blog posts on their site, those in this industry are using digital marketing to their advantage with social advertising and user-generated content to better engage with their target audience. They are driving more traffic to their site while providing their audience with value.

Entertainment Industry

Another big industry gaining opportunity from digital marketing is the entertainment industry. Digital ads have accounted for over $7.5 billion this year alone, and millions are spent annually on advertising to bring in billions of dollars in revenue to this industry. With digital marketing strategies, the entertainment industry is creating communities and gaining a more loyal following.

They offer detailed online forums, Google hangouts, social media engagement, and dedicated websites. User approved content is also booming and resulting in even more engagement with the audience. It is also an excellent way to tap into your network and use all the resources available.

Cross marketing, influencers, and more are striking deals to market content to their audience, which allows those in the entertainment industry to reach more segments than ever.

As you can see, these industries are booming because they have the right digital marketing strategies in place. If you need help getting on the right track or are interested in other digital marketing strategies that are available, contact the experts at SeedLogix today.