July 27th, 2020

Digital Marketing Tips

The coronavirus has made a great impact economically, socially, physically, and mentally around the world. It has found a way to affect almost every aspect of a person's life, including the places they go, how they spend their time, and how their money is spent. 

The same can also be said about the impact the coronavirus pandemic has had and is still having on digital marketing, e-commerce, and advertising.

Changing Consumers

People are spending more time indoors and have shifted their attention to online shopping. Some brands have seen an increase in sales due to this shift to a heavier online presence. This means that digital marketers need to adapt and evolve to the changing times in order to keep up with changing customer behavior.

Adapting Short Term

Research has shown that approximately 61% of marketers have changed their short-term media strategies while only 9% have decided to make long-term changes. Online marketing strategy budgets are also shifting to accommodate the increase in online activities for consumers.

Reduction In Organic Traffic

There have also been drops in organic traffic for many industries as a result of the coronavirus. The industries that have seen the biggest drops in traffic are related to travel, advertising, real estate, and transportation. However, there has been a rise in traffic for some other industries, including finance, food, and media. 

Ecommerce has been up and down depending on the products that a person or company is selling. For example, a company offering essential baby products such as wipes and diapers have seen increased traffic while luxury good items like televisions have experienced a decline.

A Drop In Conversions

Some industries have seen a drop in conversions as well. Media sites, however, saw a spike in conversions as more and more people began looking for updated information regarding what is happening in the world. People are searching for news and updates related to the coronavirus, the financial sector, and political arenas more frequently nowadays.

Turning To Digital Marketing

More and more companies have turned to digital marketing strategies as a way to keep their business afloat. While many industries are suffering, they are still trying to find ways to survive. 

Even bigger businesses have taken a hit because events and trade shows have been canceled. More businesses are leaning toward the use of social marketing, content marketing, and SEO campaigns. 

The key factor in surviving the coronavirus pandemic as a business is an adaptability. This means finding new channels and platforms where you can spread the message about your brand, communicate with your customers, and foster strong relationships. 

If you are worried that your business is not going to survive and you have had to shift your budget from in-person advertising and events to digital campaigns, then contact the experts at SeedLogix today. We will lead you in the right direction when it comes to implementing more digital strategies for your business. Digital marketing may just be the lifeline you have been searching for.