February 28th, 2020

Digital Marketing Tips

Maintaining a strong digital marketing presence can be cumbersome for small and medium sized businesses. Most experts agree for a robust digital marketing strategy that you should post on social media everyday, send out email marketing everyday, and send SMS texts at least once a week. Add to that creating and publishing content routinely on your website, running effective Adwords and Facebook ad campaigns, and other valuable marketing techniques like SEO, influencer and affiliate marketing, and landing page marketing, a small marketing department can be overwhelmed. However, through digital marketing automation tools you can accomplish your marketing goals no matter the size of your team. Here are just some of the benefits of automating your digital marketing:


1. Improve Your Campaign Efficacy


One of the biggest benefits of digital marketing automation is that you will not only have enough resources to launch a comprehensive marketing strategy, but you will also gain insight into how it is working. Digital marketing automation tools track the analytic data of each campaign. This gives you insight into what is working, what is not, and how to improve your digital media marketing.


2. Schedule Big Marketing Pushes Ahead Of Time


Every industry has certain times of year where customers are more likely to buy. For retailers, that time is usually around the holidays. While for B2B companies, it usually falls around quarterly budget cycles. No matter when the best time to sell is, you will never miss it because you’ll be able to schedule your campaigns in advance so they are ready to launch during your most valuable times of year.


3. Spend More Time Creating Content


The most time-consuming part of digital marketing is the nitty gritty, repetitive work of posting, monitoring, and following up on each campaign. Marketing automation can take all of these tasks off your marketing team’s plate. This leaves them more time to ideate and create engaging, effective content across your different marketing channels. The more time your marketing team spends on messaging and engaging customers, the more effective their conversion rates.


4. Take Advantage Of Micro-Targeting And Personalization


With digital automation tools, you are not only able to collect a lot of information on your customers, you’re also able to use that information. You’ll be able to address your customers on a personal level and offer them products and services for their unique needs and wants. As a result, you can send a uniquely targeted campaign to each customer, leading to much higher conversion rates.


These four benefits are just the beginning of how automation can transform your digital marketing. There are so many more. At SeedLogix we understand how digital marketing can benefit marketers and offer a comprehensive automation platform that can ensure you spend less time managing your marketing efforts and more time reaching your audience. To learn more about our digital marketing automation tools, give us a call. We’ll review your needs to find the best solution for your business.