July 5th, 2020

Digital Marketing Tips

It is no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic has taken the world by storm. Despite some early warnings, the novel coronavirus caught most governments off guard, including the one right here in the United States. Administration officials claim that everything is under control, but by viewing the stats, anyone can see the views are false. Places like Texas, Florida, California, Nevada, Arizona, and more have recently noticed upticks in confirmed cases.

So much so that their hospital systems are starting to become overwhelmed. As such, some governors are beginning to scale back on their reopening processes. For instance, bars and clubs are being closed down again in the Lone Star State. Restaurants, which were being allowed to operate at 75-percent, can only do so now at 50-percent. Elective surgeries have been put on hold in Texas too.

Meanwhile, Nevada requires citizens to wear masks wherever they go, including casinos. It appears as if the Florida and Texas governors may have discussed their problems together, as bars/clubs are closing and restaurants are scaling back in Florida as well. The point of all this COVID-19 talk is that things are changing for businesses. If owners want to keep their doors open and continue serving their respective communities, they must adapt to the challenges and meet them head-on. Digital marketing can be just what the doctor ordered for the following organizations right now.

  1. Bars And Clubs

    Because people cannot assemble inside bars or clubs to blow off some steam, the owners of such establishments must make an effort to keep their brands fresh on the minds of consumers. Social media marketing can help them do just that. Proprietors should consider interacting and engaging with their local audiences via platforms like Facebook or Twitter.  This action shows people that they are still around and fighting to stay afloat during these unprecedented times. Then, with any luck, when the business can open safely again, customers will come in droves.

  1. Restaurants

    As mentioned, some states are mandating that restaurants scale back on reopening. However, governors could close them down, too, particularly if COVID-19 outbreaks continue running rampant in states. Then again, they could mandate that restaurants only serve to-go orders. Regardless of what life holds in store for restaurateurs, digital marketing can be of assistance. If a restaurant owner doesn't already have one, they should think about getting a professional website.

    The pages can provide customers with industry news and information about the business. Allowing patrons to order dishes online and offering curbside pick-up can be useful too. Restaurant owners should give digital marketing a try to discover what all of the fuss is about for themselves.

  1. Salons And Barber Shops

    It wasn't very long ago when salons and barbershops were deemed non-essential businesses. If COVID-19 cases continue to surge, it should come as no surprise if the establishments close for a period again. Before that day comes, owners may want to invest in digital marketing. Websites can help them curb the financial impact of this crisis, as they can sell hair care products and other items online. Plus, proprietors can use blogs to reach local audiences and promote their businesses.

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