December 8th, 2017

Content Marketing

Using modern marketing techniques to fully harness the internet is an exciting endeavor.  The internet has revolutionized communication and many agencies have left old-school marketing techniques in the dust. The prevalent ideas that are floating around the marketing world would make it seem like banner ads and email marketing can replace human interaction and real-world experiences.  

As tempting an idea it is, making the claim that the internet has made human interactions a thing of the past is not based on truth. While it is likely that many marketing writers don't participate in reality-based interactions, the majority of the population still does. Full-scale automation of sales is still in the realm of science fiction.  


Create an ad Campaign with Tangible Items 


You can construct the greatest email marketing campaign of all time and still fail to miss huge percentages of your target demographic. Customers are more attracted to products that they can see, touch, and actually experience. Creating an ad campaign can utilize these characteristics for better implementation.  


Paper flyers and Posters 


Making a run to a printing shop may be in your future. If your store has a brick and mortar location, creating a flyer campaign to draw in traffic could be beneficial. Handing out paper advertisements creates an "in your face" campaign that is impossible to go ignored.  

Using a local business as the central location to hand out flyers also presents opportunities for community engagement. The physical flyer being handed out is only a small part of the total strategy. Actively talking with people and understanding their needs and desires will do more for your brand than any CTA on a website could.  


QR Codes 


The advent of QR codes took the marketing world by force. It provided a secret code that projected the feeling of exclusivity. Our imaginations ran wild as we imagined scavenger hunts, treasure seekers, and guerrilla marketing campaigns. While every smartphone now has the capability of reading a QR code, implementing a successful campaign can still be hard. 

QR codes make visiting a website more efficient. A user needs only scan the image, foregoing the need to type in a URL. Printing a QR code on a flyer or putting one in the window of your business will elicit the most curious of consumers to give it a second look.  

QR codes can be used to store information and even make purchases. Bitcoin transactions have famously incorporated this technology. Start using this technology as frequently as possible. Real world interaction with a QR code creates a trackable transaction. You will be able to gauge customer feedback in ways never before possible  




Saving money is an excellent money to encourage people to spend money. Consumers are always looking for a deal. If they can find a previously listed item for less than originally sold for, most are inclined to buy it. By creating the illusion of a sale, many companies have found the secret to their demographic's appetite. People find it hard to resist a good deal. The feeling of gaining more stuff than other people and for less money releases dopamine into the brain. 

The coupon for your company is an advertisement. It is a physical token that makes what it is you're selling, that much more valuable. Coupons usually have an expiration date on them. This creates a sense of urgency and builds a timeline for the consumer. The more urgency, the more time will be spent thinking about the coupon and the more that will be spent getting to your business. 


In-Person Events 

Street fairs, parades, and holidays are all times where your business can be an active member of the community. Setting up a table and creating an inviting atmosphere where people can come and ask you questions is always a welcoming sight. Having a permanent setup in the midst of a larger event creates a platform for all your traditional marketing materials. This includes flyers and QR codes. You can even give away candy to attract families to talk to. Make a coupon book and think of creative ways to allow the people you met never forget who you are. 


Old school marketing is still cool. Don't fall into the technology trap and lose sight of your vision.