July 6th, 2018

Content Marketing

Many businesses overlook the importance of having a blog on their website  

For example, consider the fact along that updating old blog posts can increase organic traffic by more than 100%. Additionally, consider the fact that nearly three-quarters of marketers say that relevant content creation is the most effective optimization tool available. If you’re looking to add or improve your company’s blogging efforts, consider these tips to help make a killer blog post.  

Consider The Structure  

When you begin plotting out a blog post, you want to focus on making it interesting, valuable and focused. The best way to do this is by creating an outline before you begin writing that allows you to focus on the structure of your piece. When compiling your framework, come up with headings that you’ll use in your post. Then, use short bullet points to come up with content for the piece. Your outline should be about two-thirds of a page long.  

Many find that researching before writing goes a long way toward helping them come up with a successful piece. Of course, writing an outline ensures that this must happen. If you write as you go without a framework or research, your work will appear sloppy and uninviting. Putting work in at the beginning will make your post much easier to read, thereby helping you connect with your audience.  

The Flow Of Your Piece  

Speaking of connecting with your readers, it’s essential that your piece flows well. If your blog is a story, consider “flow” the concept of holding your reader’s hand, guiding them through the story. When your piece loses flow, your reader will be disinterested, and they will leave, taking away from your web traffic. The whole point of the blog is to bring readers to your site and keep them there!  

Similarly, make sure that what you write adds value to the piece. Before writing a paragraph, think about if the blog would still make sense without that paragraph. If it would, the words may be more filler than value.   

Make Blogging Easy  

Writing can be tricky as is, but it can be even more complicated when you add dynamics such as keyword optimization into the equation. Fortunately, there’s no need to stress about creating killer blog posts. That’s because the marketing experts for multi-location businesses, Seedlogix are here to help.  

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