August 3rd, 2018

Content Marketing

The internet is home to over 1.8 billion websites, so it’s easy to understand just how stiff the competition for attention really is. Not every website of the 1.8 billion is considered competition, a website that talks about book reports isn’t going to be competing against a website that sells shoes, but a good portion will be. For multi-location and franchise businesses, this means creating the kind of content that is going to effectively grab the attention of your consumer base.

For multi-location businesses that sell coffee, you’re working against other multi-location coffee sellers as well as independent coffee brands. What your goal in content creation should be is an ability to set yourself apart from both, while still coming out on top. When visitors go to your website, you want them to crave your services, not the other guys’.

There are many different approaches to attention-grabbing content, and knowing what works best for your multi-location brand is the goal you want. 5 ways to approach creating attention-grabbing content are:

Relate to your audience

When you see content that relates to you, you feel a connection to it almost immediately. There is a reason why websites like Buzzfeed have millions and millions of social media followers – they know how to create relatable and shareable content. In order to relate to your audience, you first need to get to know your audience and create a voice that can speak to them while driving the message back to your product or service.

Grab with photos

A visual experience is important for grabbing attention. Often folks will scroll through a search or website and simply skim written content until appealing visuals pop up. While text content will keep them there, it’s the photo content that will hook them first.

Brevity is key

With your written content, keep your message short, sweet, and punchy. Concise content will keep visitors reading without feeling overwhelmed, and without overloading them with information. The average online attention span is right around 8 seconds as of 2017, so that’s how long you have to grab them.

Don’t be afraid to be trendy

Trends seem to come and go in the blink of an eye in the era of the internet, but trendy content is content that is more likely to be seen. Franchise brand Burger King, for instance, got in on the “Yanny vs Laurel” fun and managed to link their commentary back to their own product. This is what you want to do to create a trendy and fun content audience that will want to interact with your brand.

Promote, but don’t over-promote

While you will want to promote relevant services and products, too much is never a good thing. With over-promotion, you risk losing your individual voice and personality while coming off too sales-y or disingenuous.


Great Content For Multi-Location Businesses

For multi-location businesses, great content can be created on both the corporate or the local scale. To learn more about creating attention-grabbing content for your multi-location business, contact SeedLogix today.