June 25th, 2019

Content Marketing

A fact of life is that not everyone will “speak geek”. Even the most talented and inspirational business people and professionals might not know many of the terms involved in web design and development, and this might be holding them back from making their best impression on the web. When working with a web design and development team, this imbalance of understanding might cause some bumps in the road, so it pays to learn some common terms to get better acquainted with what goes into your website behind the scenes. 

5 Terms To Learn

While there are lists upon lists of terms used in web design and development in Austin, TX, there are a few that are particularly important. Even learning just a few can entice you to learn a bit more about web design and development, and you may find that it improves your partnerships with your development team. 5 important terms to learn relating to web design and development are: 

  1. 1. 404 – 404 is one that you might know a little bit about already, but maybe not completely what it’s all about. 404 refers to an error page when a visitor comes across a non-existent page on your website, and it’s most commonly seen when a user clicks on a link to a deleted page or they mistype the web page’s address. ‘

  1. 2. 301 Redirect – When your old website is permanently redirected to your new website, this is called a 301 redirect. When a website is redesigned, some of the URLs for certain pages will inevitably change, the 301 redirect lets Google and other search engines to know to redirect to the new website instead of the old one. 

  1. 3. Algorithm – It’s highly likely that you’ve heard a great deal about algorithms these days. In programming, algorithms are a key part of problem-solving, and this is essentially a set of steps laid out for carrying out a certain task. When a developer creates an algorithm, they will document all necessary steps needed to solve a problem and what is involved in each necessary step. 

  1. 4. 508 Compliance – Building a website with 508 compliance means building a website with full accessibility to those with disabilities. Fonts should be clear and legible, text added to images so that descriptions may be read to the vision impaired, and it’s a good idea for any Austin business website to be made with 508 compliance in mind. 

  1. 5. Bug – A bug doesn’t refer to a spider or an ant, but an issue that stops processes from being carried out properly on your website. This is typically fixed by finding problems, or “bugs”, in the code and adjusting them. 

A Better Website For Any Brand 

No matter the Austin business, you can get the online reputation you’ve always wanted. By learning a little yourself about web design and development, you can have better control and understanding of what you’re putting out into the world wide web. For more about designing the perfect website, contact us at SeedLogix today.