October 17th, 2019

Content Marketing

Online marketing has created all kinds of new tactics and options when it comes to building name recognition and converting customers.  The internet is all about creating and adding new content, and if you want your company to jump up in the search engine rankings it’s important to know what search engines look for and how to create something they want to find.  That’s why many companies use blogging as a way to build their online profile.


Blogging And SEO


Search engines are the number one way people find new websites and businesses online.  Since search engine users only tend to focus on the first few results, it’s important to make sure your business is on that shortlist.  That’s why a cornerstone of marketing is SEO or search engine optimization.  Blogs are a key factor because modern search engines check for sites that consistently update with new content, and blogs are a relatively quick and easy way to generate that content.  That means more online users will find you.


Blogging And Authority


Consistent, original content will maximize your SEO and bring people to your website, but it doesn’t guarantee that they’ll stick around.  That’s why it’s also important to make sure your blog entries are well-written, intelligent, accessible, and useful.  You can use blogs to establish your credentials by showing visitors that you understand your industry well enough to teach others how it works.  Blogs can even teach people to handle things themselves, and that’s good because visitors will come back to you for more information and trust you when they need extra help.


Blogging And Lead Conversion


Another feature of a well-written blog is the call to action.  A call to action (CTA) reminds people at the end of a blog to check out the other products and services you have to offer.  If people like what they just read, oftentimes they’ll follow through and share the blog, contact your company, or buy your products.  The CTA plays a central role in this by reminding the audience to do these things and by providing a link that makes it easy to do.


Blogging And Long-Term Growth


Older posts on a blog don’t generate as much buzz or get the same amount of attention from search engines.  However, around one in ten old posts will start compounding, which means people will keep going back to it, linking to it, or discovering it through the right set of search engine keywords.  As your backlog builds up, your compounding posts will bring a slow but growing trickle of traffic to your site.  After a few months or years, an old set of blogs can be a consistent source of traffic.


Good writing, careful keyword use, and smart linking can make your company’s blog stand out from the crowd and bring in a lot of traffic.  However, blogging is only one part of a modern company’s online marketing strategy, and there’s a lot more you can do to maximize SEO and boost your company’s profile.  For software and solutions to online marketing problems, have a look at what SeedLogix can do for you.